U.S. v. Bayer AG and Monsanto Company - Index of Comments

Index of Comments Regarding Settlement of Defendants Bayer AG, Monsanto Company, and BASF SE

The U.S. Department of Justice invited public comment regarding the settlement of Defendants Bayer AG, Monsanto Company, and BASF SE in the matter of U.S. v. Bayer AG et al.  The comment period ended on August 13, 2018 and 14 timely public comments were received. 

Pursuant to 15 U.S.C. § 16, the comments and the United States’ Response were filed with the court, referenced in the Federal Register, and are published below.  This page contains links to the United States’ Response, the public comments, and related resources.

U.S. Response to Public Comments: Response of Plaintiff United States to Public Comments on the Proposed Final Judgment

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Public Comments

BMC-0001 ActionAid USA
BMC-0002 Attorneys General for the States of California, Iowa, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and Oregon
BMC-0003 Certain Members of Congress
BMC-0004 Consumer Federation of America
BMC-0005 Daniel Bellemare
BMC-0006 Daniel Ducore
BMC-0007 Friends of the Earth
BMC-0008 National Family Farm Coalition
BMC-0009 Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC)
BMC-0010 Pollinator Stewardship Council
BMC-0011 Sustainable Food Center
BMC-0012 Syngenta
BMC-0013 The National Federation of Independent Business
BMC-0014 The Sierra Club


Updated April 10, 2019

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