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U.S. v. Microsoft Corporation [Browser and Middleware] Public Comments on the Settlement

In an effort to make the 47 major public comments relating to the Revised Proposed Final Judgment (RPFJ) more accessible to the public, the Department of Justice has published these comments on this web site. These comments are available in both searchable text versions and imaged PDF versions. A complete copy of all Public Comments relating to the settlement was published in the Federal Register and is available on the Federal Register's website . You may also obtain a complete set of the comments on CD from the Antitrust Division by following the instructions detailed below.

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Requesting Comments on CD-ROM

The United States will provide, free of charge, CD-ROMs containing a text version of the public comments, as follows:

  • An individual may receive one copy of the public comments on CD-ROM.
  • A library or other institution may receive up to five copies.

To request a CD-ROM, contact the Antitrust Documents Group:

450 Fifth Street NW
Suite 1024
Washington, DC 20530

Phone: 202-514-2481

Fax: 202-514-3763


Note: Every effort has been made to accurately reproduce the comments on this web site. Some comments were converted into text using optical character recognition (OCR) technology and then tested for accuracy. Nevertheless, some differences may exist between the original document and the text version on this web site. The PDF images of these documents most accurately reflect the original submissions; the HTML versions are provided to facilitate browsing and searching.

Updated September 29, 2015