Arlington Immigration Court

The Arlington Immigration Court falls under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Chief Immigration Judge, which is a component of the Executive Office for Immigration Review under the Department of Justice.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and are therefore separate from the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).  For more information about those DHS offices, please see the following links:


News Media/Congressional Inquiries: News media and congressional inquiries regarding the immigration court must be directed to the EOIR Office of Communications and Legislative Affairs (OCLA):

Office of Communications and Legislative Affairs
5107 Leesburg Pike, Suite 1902
Falls Church, VA 22041
703-305-0289 (phone)
703-605-0365 (fax)


Arlington Immigration Court:

1901 South Bell Street, Suite 200
Arlington, VA 22202

Please see Google Maps for a map and directions to the immigration court.


Window Filing Hours: 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.; 12:30 p.m.  - 3:30 p.m.

The court's phones will be answered until 5 p.m.



The immigration court does not accept faxes, unless immigration court staff or the immigration judge specifically requests one. Unauthorized transmissions are not made part of the record and are discarded without consideration of the document or notice to the sender.  Further, the only electronic submissions permitted are EOIR-28 forms unless such transmission is specifically requested. Immigration Court Practice Manual, 3.1(a)(vii).


There is street parking as well as paid parking garages in close proximity to the court in the PMI garage as well as other vendors. The closest metro is the Crystal City stop on the blue and yellow lines. Virginia Railway Express provides commuter rail service from the Northern Virginia suburbs to Alexandria, Crystal City and downtown Washington, D.C., along the I-66 and I-95 corridors.

Building Access and Security Screening Process:

All visitors to the immigration court must undergo security screening through a magnetometer and personal items are X-rayed each time they visit the immigration court. Secondary inspection may be required for those who do not pass the primary inspection. The secondary inspection does include enhanced screening (wanding) of the visitor and the X-ray of the visitor’s shoes. As this is a commercial building, we have security screening on all three floors. Elevator access to the immigration courts begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. No visitors are permitted on our floors once security has left for the day.



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Immigration Judges:

Vance H. Spath, Assistant Chief Immigration Judge (Acting)
Quynh V. Bain Francisco Mendez
John M. Bryant Deepali (Dee) Nadkarni
Lawrence O. Burman Helaine R. Perlman
Raphael Choi Thomas G. Snow
Roxanne C. Hladylowycz Emmett D. Soper
Wynne P. Kelly Vance H. Spath
Lolita M. Lukose Karen D. Stevens  
Elisa Manuel Cynthia S. Torg
Paul A. McCloskey  

Court Administrator:

Natalie Meyers (Acting)

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For information regarding procedures for practice before the immigration courts, please review the Immigration Court Practice Manual.

Standing Order (April 29, 2020): Implementing Two-Month Temporal Filing Limit And Page Limitation On Electronically-Filed Documents.

Standing Order Of The Immigration Court (March 24, 2020)  

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  • Holidays and Emergencies: The immigration court is open Monday to Friday except for federal holidays. The Office of Personnel Management publishes a list of the observed dates of every federal holiday by year online at this link: OPM holidays. Additionally, the court may have to unexpectedly close due to inclement weather or another emergency. When necessary, information on immigration court closures or changes to the immigration court’s operating hours is available at the following links: (1) Twitter and (2) Facebook.
  • eRegistry: Attorneys and accredited representatives are required to register with EOIR in order to represent aliens in immigration court. More information is available at the following link: eRegistry Notice (Arlington).
  • Legal Self-Help Center: The EOIR, Office of Legal Access Programs has created numerous self-help materials with many helpful resources for respondents, including information on what to do if respondents have moved or missed a hearing.
  • Notarios: EOIR warns respondents about immigration fraud perpetrated by notarios who claim to provide legal assistance but are unable to represent respondents in immigration court, provide legal services, or give legal advice. For more information, please see the following documents:
  • Appeals: Immigration court decisions are first appealable to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Instructions on how to file an appeal and the Appeals Form EOIR-26, Notice of Appeal from a Decision of an Immigration Judge, are available   online in the E-26 and appeal instructions. The BIA website contains more information on the appeals process and procedure.
  • Virtual Law Library: The EOIR Virtual Law Library (VLL) contains many other legal resources and country conditions research resources as well as other reference materials.
  • Observing court: Generally, immigration court proceedings are open to the public. An overview of when immigration court hearings might be closed as well as general guidelines for behavior when observing immigration court hearings are available at the following link: Observing Immigration Court Hearings. Note, the use of electronic devices, including audio/visual recordings of hearings and taking photographs, is prohibited in immigration court.
Updated April 30, 2020

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