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Customer Service Initiatives

Immigration Case Status Information

The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) established an electronic phone system to provide EOIR's customers with ready access to immigration court information in English and Spanish. Users can dial 1-800-898-7180 (toll-free) to obtain case status information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The goal of this system is to minimize the need and time required for customers to go to the immigration courts and gather basic case information. A secondary benefit is that the immigration court staff at information windows can focus their efforts on complex requests for information. Therefore, processing time for all requests for information is improved.

The automated immigration court information system was activated on July 1, 1995. The phone system was initially established with 48 lines. The non-toll-free number, along with an additional 4 lines, were made available to handle the increased volume of calls.

The information available by dialing 1-800-898-7180 is:

  • Next hearing date, time, and location;
  • Case processing information;
  • Immigration judge decision outcome and date;
  • Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) case appeal information, including appeal due date, brief due date, decision outcome and date; and
  • Filing information.

To access case information, callers must use the alien registration number, which begins with the letter A and is followed by an 8- or 9-digit number. This number is printed on all Department of Homeland Security and EOIR correspondence. After entering the automated phone system, when directed by the voice prompt, enter the 9 digits (but not the letter A) to retrieve case information. If the A number has 8 digits, please enter zero (0) followed by the 8 digits.

BIA Case Status Information

In December 2000, the Office of the Chief Clerk, BIA, installed an interactive voice response system known as a "phone tree" to accommodate the growing number of incoming calls and to improve customer service. The phone tree has cut the length of time users spend on the phone from a range of 4 to 10 minutes down to approximately under 1 minute.

Users can dial 703-605-1007 and select one of six menu options:

  • Information about the BIA's mailing address, location, and website information;
  • Appeals and motions;
  • Transcripts and briefs;
  • Stays of deportation;
  • BIA decisions; and
  • Change of address.

Users can also have the information repeated, return to the main menu, and speak to a customer service representative during regular business hours.

Updated March 20, 2018