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FOIA - Records of Proceedings - Matter of KASINGA

Matter of Fauziya Kasinga

[ Note: Applicant Ms. Kasinga expressly waived confidentiality in these asylum proceedings. ]

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  1. Oral Decision of the Immigration Judge (August 25, 1995). (PDF)
  2. Brief for Respondent (filed on/about November 6, 1995). (PDF)
  3. Government's Brief in Response to Appeal (filed February 28, 1996). (PDF)
  4. Applicant's Reply Brief (filed March 13, 1996). (PDF)
  5. Government's Response to Reply Brief (filed March 27, 1996). (PDF)
  6. Applicant's Reply to Government's Response (filed on/about April 23, 1996). (PDF)
  7. Decision of the Board of Immigration Appeals (dated June 13, 1996). (PDF)
Updated May 11, 2018