Listing Of Volume 13 Decisions

All OCAHO decisions and orders published after May 1, 2015 will follow a revised numbering system in order to facilitate subsequent case history research. Under the revised numbering system, if an OCAHO case results in multiple published decisions, all of the decisions in that same case will be published under the same reference number, with "sub-letters" for decisions after the first decision. The sub-letters will be lower-case, beginning with "a" (e.g., 1247, 1247a, 1247b, etc.). All subsequent decisions in a single case would appear on OCAHO’s decision listings page directly under any previous decisions in that case.

Please note that published decisions with sub-letters are not subordinate to or less authoritative than the first published decision in a case simply because those subsequent decisions have been assigned a sub-letter. The sub-letters merely indicate the order in which the decisions in that case were issued and published, not their relative importance.

Case Name Case Number Decision Date Reference No. CAHO Decision
Habakuk Ndzerre v. Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority 17B00077 10/12/17 1306 (PDF)  
United States v. Integrity Concrete, Inc. and American Concrete, Inc. 16A00056 11/21/17 and 12/20/17 1307 (PDF)  

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Updated January 3, 2018

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