Listing of Volume 16 Decisions

All OCAHO decisions and orders published after May 1, 2015 will follow a revised numbering system in order to facilitate subsequent case history research. Under the revised numbering system, if an OCAHO case results in multiple published decisions, all of the decisions in that same case will be published under the same reference number, with "sub-letters" for decisions after the first decision. The sub-letters will be lower-case, beginning with "a" (e.g., 1247, 1247a, 1247b, etc.). All subsequent decisions in a single case would appear on OCAHO’s decision listings page directly under any previous decisions in that case.

Please note that published decisions with sub-letters are not subordinate to or less authoritative than the first published decision in a case simply because those subsequent decisions have been assigned a sub-letter. The sub-letters merely indicate the order in which the decisions in that case were issued and published, not their relative importance.

Tareq Ziad Fouad Zakarneh v. Intel Corporation 2022B00013 03/15/2022 1414 (PDF)  
05/13/2022 1414a (PDF)  
06/21/2022 1414b (PDF)  
06/23/2022 1414c (PDF)  
08/04/2022 1414d (PDF)  
08/11/2022 1414e (PDF)  
Richard R. Rogers v. Service Experts 2022B00016 03/17/2022 1415 (PDF)  
United States v. Koy Chinese & Sushi Restaurant 2022A00015 03/22/2022 1416 (PDF)  
06/08/2022 1416a (PDF)  
Zaji Obatala Zajradhara v. HDH Co., Ltd. 2022B00009 03/30/2022 1417 (PDF)  
04/25/2022 1417a (PDF)  
06/02/2022 1417b (PDF)  
10/14/2022 1417c (PDF)  
Robert Paul Heath v. Euclid Innovations 2022B00012 03/30/2022 1418 (PDF)  
04/14/2022 1418a (PDF)  
09/29/2022 1418b (PDF)  
12/21/2022 1418c (PDF)  
01/12/2023 1418d (PDF)  
Robert Paul Heath v. Tech Global Systems, Inc. 2022B00018 03/30/2022 1419 (PDF)  
08/10/2022 1419a (PDF)  
12/07/2022 1419b (PDF)  
01/12/2023 1419c (PDF)  
Robert Heath v. Rang Technologies 2021B00035 04/01/2022 1420 (PDF)  
Robert Paul Heath v. Springshine Consulting and Anonymous Employer 2022B00001 04/12/2022 1421 (PDF)  
07/13/2022 1421a (PDF)  
Syed Faizzan Saghir v. Service Experts 2022B00017 04/22/2022 1422 (PDF)  
Zaji Obatala Zajradhara v. LBC Mabuhay (Saipan) Inc. 2021B00020 04/25/2022 1423 (PDF)  
08/22/2022 1423a (PDF)  
09/27/2022 1423b (PDF)  
01/03/2023 1423c (PDF)  
United States v. Chinese Back Rub d/b/a Chinese Massage 2021A00049 04/29/2022 1424 (PDF)  
United States v. Tuesday Line, Inc. d/b/a Captain Jack’s 2021A00053 05/05/2022 1425 (PDF)  
05/27/2022 1425a (PDF)  
11/17/2022 1425b (PDF)  
Zaji Obatala Zajradhara v. Ranni’s Corporation 2022B00020 05/05/2022 1426 (PDF)  
08/31/2022 1426a (PDF)  
09/14/2022 1426b (PDF)  
Robert Paul Heath v. Niha Technologies, Inc. 2022B00010 05/04/2022 1427 (PDF)  
07/13/2022 1427a (PDF)  
08/31/2022 1427b (PDF)  
12/05/2022 1427c (PDF)  
United States v. Commander Produce, LLC 2022A00033 05/04/2022 1428 (PDF)  
07/22/2022 1428a (PDF)  
08/24/2022 1428b (PDF)  
10/05/2022 1428c (PDF)  
Zaji Obatala Zajradhara v. CL Corporation 2022B00021 05/05/2022 1429 (PDF)  
07/07/2022 1429a (PDF)  

United States v. Satguru Enterprises, Inc., d/b/a 7-Eleven Store #29718, d/b/a 7-Eleven Store #15558, d/b/a 7-Eleven Store #32414

2022A00030 05/18/2022 1430 (PDF)  
United States v. Vector Xpress, Inc., d/b/a Vector Xpress, LLC 2022A00035 05/18/2022 1431 (PDF)  
08/03/2022 1431a (PDF)  
Zaji Obatala Zajradhara v. Aljeric General Services, LLC, a.k.a. Aljric General Services, LLC 2021B00061 05/19/2022 1432 (PDF)  
07/22/2022 1432a (PDF)  
09/27/2022 1432b (PDF)  
01/11/2023 1432c (PDF)  

Robert Heath v. Amazee Global Ventures, Inc.

2022B00026 05/19/2022 1433 (PDF)  
08/04/2022 1433a (PDF)  
Robert Heath v. Smart Works, LLC 2022B00034 05/19/2022 1434 (PDF)  
08/04/2022 1434a (PDF)  
Robert Paul Heath v. Ameritech Global 2021B00015 06/01/2022 1435 (PDF)  
09/14/2022 1435a (PDF)  
United States v. Kodiak Oilfield Services, LLC 2021A00052 06/02/2022 1436 (PDF)  
Robert Heath v. Government Systems Technologies, Inc. 2022B00019 06/02/2022 1437 (PDF)  
08/04/2022 1437a (PDF)  
Zaji Obatala Zajradhara v. E-Supply Enterprises 2022B00036 06/02/2022 1438 (PDF)  
07/27/2022 1438a (PDF)  
11/10/2022 1438b (PDF)  
01/04/2023 1438c (PDF)  
01/18/2023  1438d (PDF)  
United States v. Ramiro Sanchez-Ochoa 2022C00041 06/21/2022 1439 (PDF)  
08/18/2022 1439a (PDF)  
Maria E. Contreras v. Cavco Industries, Inc., d/b/a Fleetwood Homes 2021B00055 07/07/2022 1440 (PDF)  
United States v. Panos XV Foods, Inc., d/b/a Red Olive XV d/b/a Red Olive Restaurant 2022A00032 07/14/2022 1441 (PDF)  
United States v. JR Contractors, Inc. 2021A00024 07/15/2022 1442 (PDF)  
Cassandra Monty v. USA2GO Quick Stores 2021B00036 07/15/2022 1443 (PDF)  
11/14/2022 1443a (PDF)  
United States v. Triple Crown Restaurant Group LLC d/b/a Osetra Seafood and Steaks 2022A00043 07/22/2022 1444 (PDF)  
09/15/2022 1444a (PDF)  
10/19/2022 1444b (PDF)  
United States v. Pardo’s Fried Chicken Inc., d/b/a Church’s Chicken 2022A00042 07/26/2022 1445 (PDF)  
08/18/2022 1445a (PDF)  
United States v. KLJ Leasing, LLC 2022A00022 07/28/2022 1446 (PDF)  
01/31/2023 1446a (PDF)  
Robert Heath v. Infosoft Solutions 2022B00024 08/04/2022 1447 (PDF)  

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