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OCIJ - Updates

Updates to the Board Practice Manual

Date Section amended Page(s) Nature of change
1-4-11 13.2(b) 140 Update FOIA unit address
10-14-08 Cover page   Updated Board Members



Updated library address


12 Added “The Law Library does not accept any filings for any individual proceedings. See Chapter 3 (Filing with the Board).”


20 Deleted Section 2.3(c)(iii)


52 Added new section 4.2(f)(iv) relating to corrected oral decisions


  Technical changes
11-1-07 Cover Page   Updated Board Members



Added new section 3.1(b)(v) relating to filing delays caused by natural or manmade disasters
4-5-07 3.4(a) and (b) 45

Changed text to read “a motion to reopen (except a motion that is based exclusively on an application or claim for asylum)”.

7.3(a)(iv)(B) 102 Updated in response to the regulation regarding Automatic Stays. See 71 Fed. Reg. 57873 (October 2, 2006)(codified at 8 C.F.R. §§ 1003.6(c) and 1003.19(i)(2).
8.1 105 Technical change
9.3(c)(iii) 118 Updated filing deadlines for visa petition appeals.
12-21-06 1.3(a) and (c) 3 and 5 Updated to reflect changes to the regulation regarding Board composition. 8 C.F.R. § 1003.1(a)(1) and (4).
4.16(d) 75 Technical correction
8-11-06 4.7(c) 67 Updated to reflect new Board policy regarding extension requests. See 71 FR 51856-7 (2006).
Updated February 11, 2015