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Chapter 5 - Motions before the Board

5.5 - Transcript Requests

The Board does not prepare a transcript of proceedings in response to a motion.  If a party feels that a transcript is necessary, the party should file a motion articulating why a transcript is necessary.  See generally Chapter 4.2(f) (Transcription).

Copies of digital audio or cassette tape recordings may be requested by the parties and their practitioner of record.  A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request is not required.  Parties may obtain a copy that is not prohibited (e.g., classified information, subject to protective order).  Requests for copies may be made to the Board in person, by mail, or by email.  The Board encourages parties to request a copy of the digitally- or cassette tape-recorded hearings by email using “”  This email address is only to be used for requests for a copy of the official record or portion of the official record.  The Board does not provide self-service copying.  Alternatively, the parties may file a request pursuant to FOIA.  See Chapters 1.5(e) (Records), 13 (Requesting Records).

For more information on digitally- or cassette-recorded hearings, parties should consult the Immigration Court Practice Manual, which is available on the EOIR website.