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Chapter 1 - The Immigration Court

1.1 - Scope of the Practice Manual

1.1    Scope of the Practice Manual

(a) Authority
The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) is charged with administering the immigration courts nationwide.  The Attorney General has directed the Director of EOIR, in consultation with the immigration judges, to issue an Immigration Court Practice Manual.
(b) Purpose
EOIR provides this Practice Manual for the information and convenience of the general public and for parties that appear before the immigration courts.  The manual describes procedures, requirements, and recommendations for practice before the immigration courts.  The requirements set forth in this manual are binding on the parties who appear before the immigration courts, unless the immigration judge directs otherwise in a particular case.
(c) Disclaimer
This Practice Manual does not constitute legal advice, and no parties or members of the public should construe any provision as legal advice.  This manual does not extend or limit the jurisdiction of the immigration courts as established by law and regulation.  Nothing in this manual shall limit the discretion of immigration judges to act in accordance with law and regulation.  

(d) Revisions
EOIR reserves the right to amend, suspend, or revoke the text, or portions of the text, of this Practice Manual at any time.

The most current version of the Practice Manual is available at the EOIR website.  Questions regarding online access to the Practice Manual should be addressed to the Law Library and Immigration Research Center.  See Appendix A (Directory).

The Practice  Manual is updated periodically.  Dates of the most recent updates to the practice manual are provided.  Parties should make sure to consult the most recent version of the Practice Manual, which is posted online at the EOIR website.

For information on how to provide comments regarding this Practice Manual, see Chapter 13 (Public Input). 

(e) Reproductions
The Practice Manual is a public document and may be reproduced without advance authorization from the Executive Office for Immigration Review.