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Request an ROP by Email (BIA)

The email address below is for filing a Request for ROP. FOIA requests, public inquiries, immigration court filings, and BIA filings sent to this address will not be processed.

What should I include in my email?

I am seeking my file or the file of my minor child

The subject line of your email should be your last name followed by a dash and the last four digits of the A-number. For example, John Smith's A-number is 012-345-678, so his email would have the subject line Smith - 5678. Mr. Smith's legal representative should use the same subject. If Mr. Smith is a child, his parent or guardian should use the same subject line.

For the person who is (or was) in proceedings--and for the parent or guardian of a minor--it is simplest to process your request when you complete an EOIR-59 and attach it to your email. If you do choose to use this preferred method, be sure to sign and date the EOIR-59. If you prefer not to complete the EOIR-59, please see the sample text below and be sure to include your full name, last four digits of your A-number, place of birth, date of birth, and what portions of the ROP (including the whole file) you would like the court to send to you by email.

I am the representative of record 

For the representative of record seeking a client's ROP, please also include your full name and EOIR ID in the body of the email to assist EOIR in more efficiently identifying your relationship to the case.

An email request from the representative of record will be accepted where the email is originating from the email address of record. If the request is not from the email address associated with the representative of record, the request will not be fulfilled and requester should resubmit the request from the email address of record or update the contact information by filing a new EOIR-27 in ECAS and resubmit the request. An electronic copy of the EOIR-27 attached to the email request is acceptable.  

Request for ROP email address

An email request for an ROP must be sent to

Updated October 13, 2023