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EOIR’s Goals, Objectives, and Strategies

Objective 1.4: Increase Administrative Process Consistency to Improve Operations

EOIR’s people, processes, and technology are dedicated to achieving EOIR’s mission. The roles and responsibilities of EOIR’s front-line and support personnel must dovetail with the performance of the IJ’s duties to ensure cases are heard in a timely and fair manner. For example, Court Administrators are integral to ensuring court operations flow efficiently.  Without efficient scheduling of hearings, EOIR’s IJs could potentially be overworked or underutilized. 

The past three years have brought many challenges to EOIR, resulting in new or enhanced initiatives from the expansion of EOIR’s digital footprint via ECAS to identifying, implementing, evaluating, and updating court processes. EOIR’s mission support functions must be kept in full alignment with EOIR’s mission.

Table 5. Objective 1.4 Strategies and Lead Components

Supports DOJ Strategic Objective(s)

Objective 1.4 Strategies

Lead EOIR Component(s)

1.2 & 5.1

1. Ensure all electronic platforms that track EOIR mission-related operations are designed with input from and approval of EOIR user groups.


2. Refine and implement comprehensive protocols for the storage lifecycle of official case files, including movement within and between each of the three adjudicatory components and, ultimately, to the Federal Records Center (FRC).


3. Continuously strive to identify, implement, and evaluate new technology-based solutions to increase process consistency.

All Components

4. Assess and improve existing Standard Operating Procedures. 

All Components

5. Align agency infrastructure and resources to enhance the effectiveness of our operations.

All Components