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Violent Extremism Prevention

In March 2014, the White House National Security Council requested assistance from three regions, including Greater Boston, with piloting a framework to "counter violent extremism."  A range of non-governmental, governmental and academic stakeholders in the Greater Boston developed the locally-driven framework which defines how they view what it means to "counter violent extremism."  Representatives from the U.S. Attorney's Office were some of many representatives who developed the local approach which is not meant to be a "federal" "top-down" effort.  The framework is intended to serve as a foundation to assist various communities (locally, nationally and internationally) in building resilience and capacity to prevent individuals, including young people, from being inspired and/or recruited by violent extremists.  The framework provides some guidance on how numerous stakeholders can engage in this type of violence prevention work.

For more information, see the video, fact sheet and/or strategic plan below: 


Fact Sheet


Updated December 1, 2016

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