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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Federal Grand Jury In Fort Wayne Returns Indictments

FortWayne,IN C TheUnited States Attorney's Office announced that a Grand Jury sitting in Fort Wayne, Indiana, returned the following Indictments on January 23, 2013:

Dashawn Jones, 23, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, is charged in a single count Indictment with beingafeloninpossessionofafirearmonoraboutDecember21,2012.Thischargewasfiledas aresultofaninvestigationbytheBureauof Alcohol,Tobacco,FirearmsandExplosives,andthe AllenCountyCommunityCorrections.Thiscasehasbeenassignedtoandwillbeprosecutedby Assistant United States Attorney Anthony W. Geller.

JuliusLawson,34,ofFortWayne,Indiana,ischargedinathreecountIndictmentwith attemptedrobberyofapersonhavingcustodyof mailmatter,moneyorpropertyoftheUnited States;using,carryingandbrandishingafirearmduringandinrelationtoacrimeofviolence,and interference with performanceofdutiesofanemployeeofthe United States all occurring on or about December 19, 2012.These charges were filed as a result of an investigation by the United StatesPostalInspection ServiceandtheFortWaynePoliceDepartment. Thiscasehasbeen assigned to and will be prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Lovita MorrisKing.

Scot Silvers, 47, of Angola, Indiana, is charged in a five count Indictment with using counterfeitaccessdevicesbetweenonoraboutOctober8,2012,andOctober11,2012,fraudwith identificationdocumentsonoraboutOctober8,2012,possessingdevice makingequipmentonor aboutOctober31,2012,makingcounterfeitobligationonoraboutOctober31,2012,andpassing counterfeitobligationsorsecuritiesonoraboutOctober31,2012.TheIndictmentalsoseeksfor forfeitureofcomputerrelateditems.Thesecharges were filed as a result of an investigation by theUnitedStatesSecretServiceandtheAngolaPoliceDepartment.Thiscasehasbeenassigned to and will be prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Tina L. Nommay.

TheUnitedStatesAttorney'sOfficeemphasizedthatanIndictmentismerelyanallegation and that all persons charged are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in court.

If convicted in court, any specific sentence to be imposed will be determined by the judge after a consideration of federal sentencing statutes and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Updated April 30, 2015