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Civil Division


The Civil Division represents the United States and its agencies and employees in civil litigation in the District.    Much of the Civil Division’s work arises out of the federal government’s activities along the southwest border, as well as the military’s strong presence in the region.

Defensive Litigation

The Civil Division defends civil cases filed against the United States and its agencies and employees in federal court.  These include employment discrimination actions, motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury suits, Bivens constitutional challenges, medical malpractice actions, Administrative Procedure Act cases, immigration actions, challenges to land management decisions under the National Environmental Policy Act, Freedom of Information Act litigation, and the defense of Social Security, Medicare, and other federal programs.  Civil Division AUSAs represent the federal government in the trial court and on appeal, typically handling each case from its inception through discovery, motion practice, and trial, and before the Ninth Circuit.

Affirmative Litigation

Through our Affirmative Civil Enforcement (ACE) program, we investigate, prosecute, and seek damages and penalties in cases of fraud and other violations of federal laws.  Most commonly, these cases arise under the False Claims Act, including “qui tam” actions initiated by private citizen whistleblowers, and involve fraud in the health care and defense procurement contexts.  Health care fraud matters – which typically involve Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, or other federally supported health care programs – include billing for services not rendered, billing for more expensive services than actually rendered, administering unapproved drugs, and illegal kickback and referral relationships.  Examples of defense procurement fraud include selling untested or counterfeit parts to the military, bid rigging, false certification of eligibility for government contracts, and a wide variety of improper cost and billing allocations.  Other civil affirmative laws that we enforce include the Controlled Substances Act, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Miscellaneous Matters

The Civil Division also handles numerous other actions, including tax summons enforcement on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service, subpoenas to federal officials, commercial litigation to collect debts owed the United States and protect the government’s interests in bankruptcy and foreclosure actions, and responses to Freedom of Information Act requests.

Updated April 27, 2018