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Community Outreach

McGruff the crime dog shaking hands with child

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Texas (USAO-SDTX) remains dedicated to enhancing public safety and tackling the complex challenges of crime in our communities. While actively promoting programs like Operation Angel Tree and collaborating with various organizations, we recognize the significant impact of gang violence, drug trafficking, fraud and other criminal activities. Our community relations coordinator and staff work closely with partners to address these issues head-on, offering support to local law enforcement and implementing evidence-based crime prevention strategies. This collaborative approach aims to foster safer neighborhoods, empower vulnerable populations, and break the cycle of criminal activity.

The United States Attorney and staff remain active participants in numerous crime prevention activities and events, including the DEA Red Ribbon Rally, National Night Out and awareness campaigns for human trafficking and fraud. However, we understand that addressing these issues requires more than just awareness. We actively work with community leaders, social service agencies and law enforcement to develop targeted initiatives that address the root causes of crime and provide support to at-risk individuals. This includes tackling the influence of gangs, providing resources for drug rehabilitation and empowering communities to combat fraud through education and outreach.

Operation Angel Tree remains a cherished tradition, bringing joy to disadvantaged children throughout the district. Each year, our employees generously donate toys and gifts, partnering with organizations like the Houston Housing Authority and the YMCA Victims of Human Trafficking program. However, we also recognize that true community engagement extends beyond seasonal initiatives. We actively participate in community meetings, address specific concerns of residents and work alongside local stakeholders to develop comprehensive solutions to chronic crime problems. By fostering open communication and collaboration, we hope to build stronger relationships and create safer environments for all.

The USAO-SDTX utilizes Department of Justice crime prevention strategies and programs to find effective and community-based solutions to crime problems. Our law enforcement and community relations coordinators actively assist local communities in partnering with federal agencies to address specific public safety needs and goals. While considering funding requests, we encourage coordinated efforts and resource allocation to maximize the impact of our initiatives. By working together, we can ensure that limited resources are strategically directed towards programs that address the most pressing crime concerns in each community.

Updated March 5, 2024