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The Civil Division team aggressively represents the United States and its agencies in a wide variety of cases falling within the general categories of Defensive Litigation, Affirmative Litigation, Bankruptcy Litigation, and Financial Litigation.


The Civil Division represents the United States and its agencies, officers, and employees sued in connection with actions taken while performing official duties in many types of civil cases, including the following:

  • Medical malpractice cases
  • Employment discrimination cases
  • Bivens-type civil rights cases
  • Federal land trespass and boundary dispute cases
  • Personal injury cases, such as automobile accidents and slip and fall cases
  • Social Security disability appeals

In addition to the above, the Civil Division is responsible for matters involving the following:

  • Administrative Procedures Act
  • Freedom of  Information Act
  • Immigration
  • Prisoner litigation
  • Summons, subpoenas, and lien enforcement


The Civil Division also files cases against defendants to recover damages and civil penalties arising from federal program or procurement fraud, primarily under the False Claims Act.   Most of these cases involve health care fraud and other contract fraud against government agencies.


The Civil Division is responsible for representing government agencies in Bankruptcy Court.  These agencies normally include, but are not limited to, the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Education.


The Civil Division’s Financial Litigation Unit is responsible for the enforcement of monetary penalties, consisting of restitution, fines, and special assessments, imposed as part of sentences in federal criminal cases, and the collection of debts resulting from unpaid federal loans.  The Financial Litigation Unit conducts financial investigations and implements criminal and civil statutes to recover assets to satisfy criminal and civil monetary judgments.

Updated September 24, 2019