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National Security

The Western District of Virginia’s overriding goal is to ensure our national security.  As part of that goal, the Western District of Virginia seeks to protect the United States against the threat of terrorism, and to provide support to law enforcement’s response in the event of large-scale critical incidents.  These goals will be accomplished by meeting the following objectives:

  • Promoting domestic preparedness by federal, state, local, and emergency management officials.
  • Fostering effective interaction among those responding to acts of terrorism and other critical incidents.
  • Prevent, disrupt and defeat terrorist operations before they occur.

Develop and implement the full range of resources available to investigate major criminal incidents, such as acts of terrorism.  Vigorously prosecute those who have committed, or intend to commit acts of terrorism in the United States.
All of the Western District's anti-terrorism efforts are designed to prevent terrorism, prosecute terrorists, and lessen the district's vulnerabilities to domestic and foreign threats to our national security.

The centerpiece of the district’s efforts is the formation of the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council. The district's Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council (ATAC) is made up federal, state, and local law enforcement, corrections, emergency management officials, critical energy infrastructure, and military partners.

ATAC meetings are held to address specific concerns in the district, disseminate information and provide training, as well as accomplish district wide goals.  The District’s ATAC meets annually at the ATAC Conference hosted by the United States Attorney’s Office in the fall.

For more information about the ATAC Program, please contact the district’s National Security/ATAC Coordinator at (434) 293-4283.  To become a member of the ATAC, you may contact our Intelligence Officer & Law Enforcement Coordinator at (540) 527-3961.

Anti-Terrorism Resources

Joint Terrorism Task Force

Richmond FBI Office

Virginia Fusion Center

Virginia Department of Homeland Security

FBI Most Wanted Terrorists


Updated June 7, 2021