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The Executive Division consists of vital support functions for the office.  Each support function contributes to the overall mission of the office to fight crime and to represent the United States in civil matters:

  • The Asset Forfeiture Unit obtains the forfeiture of assets such as real and personal property, whether used in criminal activity or purchased with the proceeds of crime.
  • Our Victim Witness Specialists assist the public in navigating the court process as a victim of a crime or as a witness in a trial or other matter.
  • Our Public Affairs Specialist provides the public and the media with information about the criminal and civil cases handled by our office, as well as information about our involvement in the community.
  • The Intelligence Specialist serves as our liaison to the federal, state, and local law enforcement communities, ensuring that vital criminal intelligence information is shared in a timely fashion for the benefit of our community.
Updated January 3, 2024