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USDOJ: Antitrust Division 1995 Press Releases

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December 15, 1995

Texas Trade Association Charged With Price Fixing

December 14, 1995

Former Long Island New York Supplier of Display Materials to Connecticut Liquor Company Charged in Bid Rigging Conspiracy

December 13, 1995

Justice Department's Ongoing Probe Into the Fax Paper Industry Yields More Indictments

December 12, 1995

U.S. Justice Department and Texas Attorney General Require Kimberly-Clark and Scott Paper to Restructure $8.9 Billion Merger

December 11, 1995

Justice Department Approves Bank Merger in the Pacific Northwest After Parties Agree to $614 Million Divestiture

December 7, 1995

Justice Department Approves Formation of Clinical Laboratory Network in California

December 5, 1995

Justice Department Approves South Florida Dermatology Network


November 3, 1995

Justice Department Approves Proposal to Facilitate Third-Party Payor Contracting by Georgia Podiatrist

November 2, 1995

Justice Department Approves Survey of Cost Effectiveness of Clinical Trials Involving Breast Cancer Patients

November 1, 1995

Justice Department Approves Network of South Carolina Dermatologists


October 31, 1995

Justice Department Approves Fleet/Shawmut Bank Merger After Parties Agree to $3.7 Billion Divestiture

October 20, 1995

Justice Department and State of Florida Settle Solid Wasted Disposal Acquisition

October 11, 1995

Justice Department Supports Plan to Allow US West to Provide Local and Long Distance Service Outside of Its Current Design


September 29, 1995

Justice Department Investigation of Health Care Merger Concludes with Restructured Deal

Justice Department Allows Metal Building Manufacturers Assn. to Require Applicants for Membership to Show They Have Complied with a Safety Certification Program

Department of Justice Charges Pennsylvania Aluminum Company With Price Fixing

Department of Justice Allows Halon Recycling Corporation to Add Additional Fire Suppressant Chemical to Its Information Exchange and Marketing System

Justice Department Charges Fort Worth, Texas, Bakery and Former Executive With Price Fixing

September 28, 1995

Former Dallas Bakery Executive Charge with Making False Statements to a Grand Jury About Bread Prices

Justice Department Charges Two Texas Wholesale Plumbing Companies and Executive with Price Fixing

California Securities Broker Charged With Securities and Wire Fraud for Collusive Bidding on Municipal Bond Restructuring

Justice Department Charges Greyhound With Anticompetitive Practices

Third Man Charged as Justice Department Continues Its Probe Into Real Estate Auction Bid Rigging in Northern Virginia

September 27, 1995

Justice Department Approves Dairy Merger After Parties Agree to Divestiture

Two Northern Virginia Men Plead Guilty in Criminal Bid Rigging Schemes Involving Residential Real Estate

New York City Manufacturer of Military Insignia Charged in Bid Rigging Conspiracy

Southern California Manufacturer of Embroidered Military Insignia Charged in Bid Rigging Conspiracy

September 26, 1995

Two Japanese Fax Paper Companies Agree to Pay Fines Totaling More Than $3.5 Million for Their Involvement in a Price Fixing Conspiracy

Justice Stops Tampa, Florida, Ocean Carrier From Imposing an Additional Cost on Small Wine Importers

September 25, 1995

Denver Polypropylene Bag Company Charged with Defrauding the Government in Supplying Bags to Ship Grain to Needy Countries

September 22, 1995

Pittsburgh Metals Producer Pleads Guilty in Nationwide Price Fixing Conspiracy

September 20, 1995

Justice Department Charges National Automobile Dealers Association With Limiting Price Competition in Car Sales to Consumers

Statement by Anne K. Bingaman, Assistant Attorney General of the Antitrust Division Following AT&T's Restructuring Announcement

September 15, 1995

Department of Justice Approves Proposal to Establish National Network of Orthotic and Prosthetic Clinical Facilities

Department of Justice Agrees to Terminate 1968 Consent Decree Against Seller of Stencil Duplicating Machines

September 14, 1995

Former New York Supplier of Display Materials to Connecticut Liquor Company Charged in Bid Rigging, Tax Fraud Conspiracy

September 13, 1995

Delaware Jeep Parts Company Charged With Rigging Bids on Military Surplus Material

Justice Department Takes Unprecedented Action to Stop Doctors and Hospitals in Connecticut, Missouri From Blocking Managed Care

September 7, 1995

Northern California Banknotes Dealer Charged with Collusive Bidding on Rare Banknotes at New York City Auction

September 6, 1995

Justice Department Takes 'One Two Punch' Against Criminal Price Fixers


August 22, 1995

Dallas Explosive Company Agrees to Pay a Record $10 Million Fine for Conspiring to Fix Prices of Explosives in Three States

August 16, 1995

Antitrust Division Names New Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Economic Analysis

August 8, 1995

Antitrust Division Names New Deputy Assistant Attorney General

The Department of Justice Issued the Following Statement Today Regarding its Ongoing Investigation on Issues Surrounding Microsoft Windows 95

Justice Department Announces New Antitrust Deputy for Regulatory Affairs

August 3, 1995

New Antitrust Cooperation Agreement Signed Between United States and Canada

August 2, 1995

Justice Department Settles Charges Against FTD, the Leading Flowers-By-Wire Company, for Violating 1990 Consent Decree


July 31, 1995

Iowa Dairy and Manager Charged in Milk Bid-Rigging Conspiracy

July 28, 1995

July Department Preserves Competition in Mainframe Computer Software Markets; Requires Computer Associates to Modify Proposed Acquisition of Legent

July 27, 1995

Justice Department Provides Guidance to National Association of Court Reporters

July 21, 1995

Justice Department Approves Proposal to Allow Musical Rights Societes to Discuss Pending Legislation in Congress

July 20, 1995

Justice Department Requires Two Major Bread Manufacturers to Change Their Proposed Merger—Consumers in California, Midwest Will Benefit

July 18, 1995

Justice Department Allows Information Exchange in Order to Reduce Mail-in-Offer Rebate Fraud; Will Benefit Consumers

July 17, 1995

Justice Department Approves Proposal to Establish Networks of Prosthetists and Orthotist in Pennsylvania

July 14, 1995

Justice Department Approves Pennsylvania Travel Company's Proposal to Form Group to Negotiate Domestic Air Travel Fares on Behalf of Corporate Customers

July 13, 1995

Justice Department Preserves Competition in International Telephone Service; Requires Sprint, France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom to Change Business Deal

July 5, 1995

Closing of Ticketmaster Investigation


June 30, 1995

Statement of Anne K. Bingaman, Assistant Attorney General For the Antitrust Division Regarding the District Court's Decision to Prevent the Acquisition of the Northwest Arkansas Times by the Owners of its Main Competitor

June 27, 1995

Justice Department and American Bar Association Resolve Charges that the ABA's Process forAccrediting Law Schools was Misused

June 21, 1995

Harvard Law Professor Phillp Areeda Receives the Antitrust Division's 1995 John Sherman Award

June 16, 1995

Court of Appeals Overturns District Courts's Decision in Microsoft Case

June 14, 1995

Ohio Truck Parts Company Charged With Rigging Bids on $2 Million Worth of Military Surplus Material

June 12, 1995

Justice Department Files Suit to Block New Jersey Clay Company's Bid to Purchase West Virginia Clay Company's Plant and Reserves

June 7, 1995

Justice Department Files First Charges in Nationwide Investigation into Collusive Practices in the Carpet Industry

June 6, 1995

New York Dairy Company Indicted in Milk Bid-Rigging Conspiracy

June 1, 1995

Wholesale Plumbing Supply Company Charged With Price Fixing

Three California Companies and Two Executives Charged With Price Fixing on Aluminum Parts Used in Constructing Airplanes


May 25, 1995

New York Dairy Pleads Guilty and Will Pay $250,000 For Its Participation in Milk Bid Rigging Conspiracy

Justice Department Approves Merger Involving Asphalt Paving Manufacturers

May 24, 1995

Revisions in Private Settlement Between TWA and Travel Agents Alleviates Justice Department's Antitrust Concerns

May 20, 1995

Microsoft and Intuit Abandon Merger Plans: Competition is Preserved in the Personal Finance Software Market

May 16, 1995

Western Ney York Abrasive Grains Manufacturer and Vice President Indicted for False Statements

May 12, 1995

Justice Department Approves Proposal that Will Assist Consumers in Selection of Long-Term Care Providers

May 9, 1995

Northeast Fax paper Importer Charged in Justice Department's Investigation of International Price Fixing

May 5, 1995

Texas Wholesale Plumbing Supply Company Charged with Price Fixing

May 4, 1995

Illinois Dairy and Three Individuals Charged in Dairy Products Bid Rigging Conspiracy


April 27, 1995

Justice Department Files Antitrust Suit to Challenge Microsoft's Purchase of Intuit

April 18, 1995

Justice Department Approves the Hearst Coporation's Purchase of the Houston Post

April 7, 1995

Tennessee Dairy Charged with Rigging Bids to Supply Milk to Public Schools

April 6, 1995

Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission Issue Joint Antitrust Guidelines for the Licensing of Intellectual Property

Canadian Corporation Charged with Collusive Bidding on Rare Banknotes at New York City Auction

April 5, 1995

Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission Release New International Antitrust Guidelines

April 3, 1995

Press Conference and Remarks of Anne Bingaman, Assistant Attorney General, Regarding Agreement Reached with Ameritech to Allow Entrance into the Long Distance Market

AG Unveils Plan to Open Local Phone Markets, Allow Ameritech in Long Distance Market "An Historic Day for the American Consumer"


March 30, 1995

Justice Department Approves Proposal to Form Physician Network Joint Venture in Memphis, Tennessee Area

March 29, 1995

Justice Department Will Not Challenge Health Care Plan to Provide a Wisconsin Subacute-Care Network

March 28, 1995

Justice Department Files Antitrust Suit Challenging Common Ownership of Arkansas Newspapers

March 23, 1995

Executive of New York City Printing Company Charged in Tax Fraud Conspiracy

Statement of Anne K. Bingaman, Assistant Attorney General in Charge of the Antitrust Division, Department of Justice, Concerning Telecommunications Bill Voted Out of Senate Commerce Committee Thursday, March 23, 1995

Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission Announce Steps to Streamline the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act Premerger Review Process

March 16, 1995

President of Massachusetts Company Receives Stiff Penalty For His Involvement in a Nationwide Plasticware Price Fixing Conspiracy

March 11, 1995

Justice Department Announces Antitrust Review of Proposed Settlement Between TWA and Travel Agents

March 9, 1995

Justice Department Approves Minnesota Insurance Company's Medical Fraud and Abuse Detection Proposal

March 7, 1995

Justice Department Approves Acquisition in Oil and Gas Well Pressure Pumping Service Industry

Justice Department Allows Television Stations to Exchange Information Relating to Prices Paid for Ratings Services


February 24, 1995

Missippi Door Company Charged With Fixing Prices of Residential Doors

February 23, 1995

Joel Klein Named Antitrust Deputy for Regulatory Affairs

February 22, 1995

Justice Department Approves Proposal to Convene Discussion Forums for Intermodal Freight Haulers

February 16, 1995

Justice Department Files Appeal in Microsoft Case

February 9, 1995

Antitrust Division Names Chief of Staff

February 8, 1995

Justice Department Allows Los Angeles Area Heating and Air Conditioning Dealers to Engage in Cooperative Advertising

February 1, 1995

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Named to Oversee Antitrust Criminal Enforcement


January 31, 1995

Justice Department Will File Antitrust Suit and Proposed Settlement in Sabreliner/Midcoast Merger

Playmobil Agrees to Stop Fixing Retail Prices of Toys After Justice Department Charged the Practice Eliminated Competition

January 26, 1995

Justice Department Approves Restructured Offshore Oil Field Services Deal in the Gulf of Mexico

January 19, 1995

Rumson, New Jersey, Company Charged with Mail Fraud in Scheme to Defraud Federal Government in Food Contracts

January 12, 1995

Former Salesman of Display Materials to Philip Morris Charged in Bid-Rigging Conspiracy

Justice Department Settles Case Against EL Paso Natural Gas Co.

January 11, 1995

Chicago Man Will Pay $425,000 Civil Penalty to Settle Charges of Violating Antitrust Premerger Notification Requirements

Department of Justice Agrees to Terminate 1919 Consent Decree Against Massachusetts Seafood Auction House

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