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USDOJ: Antitrust Division 1997 Press Releases

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December 30, 1997

General Electric Cleared to Go Forward With Merger After it Agrees to Grant License to Competitor

Alcoa Abandons Purchase of Reynolds Aluminum Can Stock Plant

December 29, 1997

Justice Department Challenges Alcoa's Purchase of Reynolds' Aluminum Stock Plant

December 22, 1997

Charged With International Conspiracies, Three Companies Pay Second Largest Fine in Antitrust History

December 18, 1997

Nebraska Man Charged in Scheme to Rig Bids on Cattle Purchases

December 17, 1997

French Company Agrees to Pay $2.5 Million Fine for Participating in International Price Fixing Conspiracy

DOJ Moves to Hold Microsoft in Contempt and Asks Judge to Enforce Injunction

December 16, 1997

Ohio Food Service Contractors Agree to Dissolve Joint Venture That Inflated Prices for Head Start Meal Program

Nebraska Cattle Buyer Pleads Guilty in Scheme to Rig Bids for the Purchase of Cattle

Antitrust Division Names New Chief of Staff

December 11, 1997

Federal Court Orders Microsoft to Stop its "Tying" Practices

December 10, 1997

Justice Recommends FCC Deny BellSouth Long Distance Application in Lousiana

December 9, 1997

Justice Department Reaches Record Agreement with NationsBank


November 24, 1997

Reno, Klein Unveil First-Ever Committee to Attack Anticompetitive Cartels

November 20, 1997

Justice Department Allows Joint Purchasing of Electric Power by Group of California Manufacturers

November 19, 1997

Justice Department Requires Voting Machine Manufacturers to Sell Off Voting Tabulation Business in Order to Merge

November 13, 1997

Two Miami Area Scrap Metal Companies, Four Executives Indicted in Price Fixing Conspiracy

November 6, 1997

Justice Department Sues to Block Chancellor Media Corp.'s Acqisition of SFX Broadcasting's Long Island Radio Stations

Former Executive of Russell-Stanley Corporation Charged With Perjury

Former Executive of a Dallas Explosives Company Indicted in Price Fixing Conspiracy in Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana

November 4, 1997

Justice Department Recommends That FCC Deny BellSouth Long Distance Application in South Carolina

November 3, 1997

Justice Department Will Not Challenge Joint Venture Between HMO and Physician Organization in Northeastern Pennsylvania


October 24, 1997

Estimator For New Jersey Construction Company Indicted for Wire Fraud

October 23, 1997

Connoisseur Communications Gets Justice Department Clearence to Acquire Two Youngstown, Ohio Radio Stations After Selling Two Others

October 20, 1997

Justice Department Charges Microsoft with Violating 1995 Court Order

October 17, 1997

Justice Department Reaches Agreement With Wachovia and Central Fidelity for Divestitures in Three Virginia Markets

October 16, 1997

Justice Department Requires Divestitures as Condition of Raytheon's Acquisition of Hughes Aircraft

October 2, 1997

Justice Department Requires Raytheon to Sell Key Electronics Businesses in Order to Go Forward with Its Hughes Aircraft Deal


September 30, 1997

New Jersey Ammunition Manufacturer Charged with Bid Rigging

Four Rochester Area Utility Construction Companies and Their Executives Indicted in Bid Rigging Conspiracy

September 24, 1997

Two Dutch Companies Plead Guilty to International Price Fixing: Sentenced to Pay $10 Million Criminal Fine

September 23, 1997

Wisconsin Advertising Display Company and Two Top Executives Agree to Plead Guilty and Pay Over $9 Million for Rigging Bids and Fixing Prices in Brewery Contracts

September 18, 1997

Antitrust Division Names Two Additions to Leadership Team

September 10, 1997

Justice Department Urges Department of Education to Remove School Credit Transfer Barriers Imposed by Regional Accrediting Agency

Justice Department Urges Kentucky Bar to Allow Non-Lawyers to Participate in Real Estate Closings

September 3, 1997

Cleveland Explosives Company Executive Indicted in Price Fixing Conspiracy in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana

Justice Department Requires Mid-America Dairymen Inc. to Sell Borden/Meadow Gold Dairies in Order for Deal to go Forward

Justice Department Allows Telecommunications Company to Exchange Defaulted Residential Account Information


August 29, 1997

Justice Department Approves Clear Channel Communications' Acquisition of Paxson Communications

August 25, 1997

Justice Department Approves Dundee Realty USA as Buyer for Colorado's Arrapahoe Basin Ski Area

August 22, 1997

Justice Department Approves Tyco International's Acquisition of Keystone International

Justice Department Requires Sale of Pittsburgh Landfill in Settlement with USA Waste/United Waste Systems

August 15, 1997

Justice Department Approves Outdoor Systems Inc.'s Acquisition of 3M's Subsidiary, National Advertising

August 14, 1997

Northern Virginia Real Estate Speculator Indicted In Bid Rigging Scam

August 8, 1997

Nutrite Corp. Pleads Guilty and Agrees to Pay $1.5 Million Fine for Price Fixing

August 6, 1997

Statement of Attorney General Janet Reno and Assistant Attorney General Joel I. Klein on the President's Nomination of Michael K. Powell as FCC Commissioner

August 1, 1997

Antitrust Division Statement Regarding Microsoft/Web TV Merger


July 30, 1997

Former Executive of One of the World's Largest Commercial Explosives Companies Charged with Bid Rigging

Justice Department Will Not Challenge Proposal by a Group of Physicians in Vermont to Form a Joint Venture

Justice Department Asks Court to Modify 1950 ASCAP Settlement

Justice Department Approves Proposal by Construction Trade Association to Require Members to Comply with Certification Standards

July 17, 1997

Statement of Attorney General Janet Reno on the Confirmation of Eric H. Holder, Jr. and Joel I. Klein

July 16, 1997

Former Executive of Rochester, New York Area Construction Firm Pleads Guilty to Bid Rigging Conspiracy

July 14, 1997

Justice Department and Texas Attorney General Require Sale of Landfill Space in Settlement With Allied and USA Waste

July 8, 1997

Justice Department Charges Pennsylvania Company With Conspiring to Allocate and Rig Bids on Bridge Inspection and Structural Rigging Services

July 7, 1997

Justice Department Concludes Proposed Gastroenterologists Merger Poses Substantial Risk of Competitive Harm

Justice Department Asks Court to Modify and Extend Previous British Telecom/MCI Settlement After Reviewing New Deal

July 2, 1997

Justice Department Requires Raytheon and Texas Instruments to Divest Key Unit Before Approval of Their $2.9 Billion Merger


June 26, 1997

Justice Department Approves Proposal for Joint Licensing of Patents Essential for Meeting Video Technology Standard Used in Electronics and Broadcast Industries

June 25, 1997

Justice Department Recommends to FCC That It Deny Ameritech's Application to Provide Long Distance in Michigan

June 24, 1997

Justice Department Sues New York's Rochester Gas & Electric Co. Over Anticompetitive Agreement With the University of Rochester

June 23, 1997

Illinois Display Co. and Top Executive Agree to Plead Guilty and Pay $450,000 in Fines for Rigging Bids and Fixing Prices on Brewery Contracts

June 19, 1997

German and Brazillian Piston Cos. Pay Record $5.6 Million Penalty for Violating Antitrust Premerger Notification Requirements

June 18, 1997

Correction--Antitrust Press Release

Justice Department Reaches Settlement With Connecticut Fertilizer Co. That Prevents Company From Continuing Collusive Practices

June 11, 1997

Justice Department Sues to Block Long Island Hospital Combination

June 10, 1997

Justice Department Will not Challenge Joint Venture of New Mexico Orthopedic Specialists

June 2, 1997

Justice Department Requires Louisiana Advertising Company to Divest Billboards in Four Southeastern Metro Areas As Condition of Merger


May 30, 1997

Justice Department Approves Proposal by Escalator Industry to Develop Improved Safety Standards

Laroche Industries Inc. Pleads Guilty To Price Fixing, Pays $1.5 Million

May 27, 1997

Martin Marietta Materials Agrees to Divestiture in Order to Acquire American Aggregates

May 20, 1997

Justice Department Approves Proposal by Russell-Stanley Corp. to Be Prime Contractor for Industrial Steel Drums Sold in U.S.

Justice Department Approves Fish Catchers/Processors Proposal to Allocate Amongst Themselves the Amount of Government-Regulated Pacific Whiting They Can Harvest

May 16, 1997

Justice Department Recommends to FCC That it Reject SBC Communications' Application to Provide Long Distance in OK

May 15, 1997

Wisconsin Executive Charged with Price Fixing on Metal Building Insulation Sold in Texas


April 29, 1997

Southern National and United Carolina Bancshares Agree to Sell 20 North Carolina Bank Branches to Gain Justice Department Approval of Their Merger

April 28, 1997

Justice Department Asks European Communities to Investigate Possible Anticompetitive Conduct Affecting U.S Airlines' Computer Reservation Systems

April 25, 1997

Minnesota, Iowa Dairies Agreed to Plead Guilty and Will Each Pay $1 Million for Participating in Milk Price Fixing Conspiracy

April 24, 1997

Antitrust Division Statement Regarding Bell Atlantic/Nynex Merger

Justice Department Urges FCC to Adopt Reforms of Its Access Charge Rules to Increase Competition

April 23, 1997

Justice Department Approves Petroleum Exploration and Production Joint Research and Development Proposal

April 21, 1997

Justice Department Requires Sell Off of Salt Assets in Settlement With Salt Producers Cargill and Akzo

April 17, 1997

International Enforcement to Be Boosted by New Agreement With Australia

April 16, 1997

Justice Department Will Not Challenge Merger of Baton Rouge Surgeons

Justice Department Will Not Challenge Merger of Two Mobile, Alabama, Orthopedic Groups

April 8, 1997

Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission Announce Revisions to Merger Guidelines

April 1, 1997

Statement by Attorney General Janet Reno on Impending Television Advertisements for Hard Liquor


March 31, 1997

Justice Department and Seven State Attorneys General Approve Sale of Thomson Corp. Legal Publishing Products to Reed-Elsevier Inc.

March 28, 1997

New Hampshire Asphalt Co. Abandons Plans to Buy Plants in Vermont and New Hampshire After Justice Department Expresses Concerns

March 26, 1997

Justice Department's Ongoing Probe Into the Food and Feed Additives Industry Yields $25 Million More in Criminal Fines

March 20, 1997

Justice Department Issues 1996 Annual Supplement to the "Digest of Business Reviews"

March 18, 1997

First Circuit Court of Appeals Reverses Lower Court's Decision to Dismiss Indictment in Fax Paper Antitrust Case

First Virginia and Premier Agree to Sell off Three VA. Bank Branches Worth $44.3 Million to Gain Justice Approval

March 7, 1997

Judge Approves Thomson/West Settlement

March 6, 1997

Gulfstar Communications Abandons Purchase of Three Arkansas Radio Stations After Justice Department Expresses Antitrust Concerns


February 27, 1997

Justice Department Requires American Radio Systems Corp. to Divest Radio Stations in Calofornia and North Carolina

February 26, 1997

Justice Charges Ohio Parts Company With Rigging Bids on Surplus Military Goods

February 20, 1997

Justice Reaches Settlement with Rhode Island Dental Insurer That Prohibits Agreements That Discourage Discounting

February 18, 1997

Owner of Texarkana, Texas Box Company Charged With Procurement and Mail Fraud

February 13, 1997

Figgie International and its Former Ceo Will Pay Civil Penalties for Violating Antitrust Premerger Reporting Requirements

February 12, 1997

Justice Department Will Not Challenge Proposal to Form Provider Network in Santa Fe, New Mexico

February 11, 1997

Justice Will Not Challenge Joint Venture of Marin County, California Hospitals

Justice Charges 10 West Coast Commercial Crab Fishermen with Price Fixing

February 5, 1997

Justice Department Approves Palm Beach, Florida Flight Support Services Merger

Toledo Company and Manager of Rival Firm Charged


January 29, 1997

Justice Department's Ongoing Probe Into the Food and Feed Additives Industrly Yields Second Largets Fine Ever

January 23, 1997

Long Island Display Materials Manufacturer and Former Salesman Charged With Conspiring to Defraud the IRS

January 17, 1997

Justice Department Allows Group of Attorneys to Provide Legal Representation to Construction Industry Clients On a Refundable Flat Fee Basis

January 9, 1997

Former Alcoholic Beverages Purchasing Agent in Florida & Michigan Charged in New York with Conspiring to Commit Mail Fraud

January 6, 1997

Justice Allows Georgia-based Retail Price Auditing Co. To Buy and Publish Lists of Product Shelf Prices

January 3, 1997

Colorado Ski Resort Merger Approved With Conditions To Keep Prices Lower for Skiers

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