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CRM 1500-1999

1989. Mandatory Restitution For Sexual Abuse Offenders (18 U.S.C. 2248)

Section 2248(a) provides that in addition to any other civil or criminal penalties, a court shall order restitution for any offense under this chapter.

Section 2248(b) provides that the order of restitution shall direct that the defendant pay to the victim the full amount of losses determined by the court. For purposes of this chapter, "full amount of victim's losses" includes any losses incurred for medical and psychological services; therapy or rehabilitation; necessary transportation, child care expenses and temporary housing; lost income; attorney's fees; and any other losses suffered by the victim as a proximate result of the offense. The issuance of a restitution order is mandatory. For purposes of this section, a victim is defined as the individual harmed as a result of a commission of a crime under this chapter.

See also JM 9-16.320 (Plea Agreements and Restitution).

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