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OVW Seeks Research and Evaluation Expert

February 22, 2013
Research and evaluation play significant roles in preventing and responding to violence against women.  It is critical to the life-saving work OVW grantees do every day.  Because victim services providers, law enforcement, the criminal justice system, and other first responders are often overwhelmed and under-resourced, it is vital that research is conducted and disseminated in a way that facilitates their work and improves survivors’ lives.  And, it is important for us to understand the most effective ways we can support survivors and hold offenders accountable.  The June 2012 report of the National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women includes a recommendation that federal agencies support further research on violence against women.  It urges the government to commit more resources to building the evidence base, promoting partnerships among researchers and practitioners, and accounting for the contexts of victimization of marginalized and vulnerable people.  I am enthusiastic to report that we are putting this recommendation into action. OVW has prioritized funding for programs that are working toward evidence-based interventions by supporting organizations that ground their proposals in the best available research.  We must identify the strategies that are effective in combating violence against women, promoting victim safety and recovery, and bringing offenders to justice.  As such, I am pleased to announce a new opportunity to help OVW in this effort:
OVW is currently seeking a research and evaluation expert to help us identify and prioritize promising and evidence-based programs and practices, and determine where research gaps exist. With involvement from other researchers and experts in the field, this person will work with OVW to develop a plan to evaluate OVW-administered grant programs and Violence Against Women Act-funded interventions to strengthen evidence-based grantmaking. This assignment is made available through the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Mobility Program, which allows eligible applicants to work for the federal government for up to two years, with their salary being reimbursed to their employer. For a full description of the position, qualifications, and how to apply, please see OVW’s Careers page. The deadline to apply for this position is March 15, 2013. 
Additionally, I want to alert researchers to two current funding opportunities through NIJ.  Evaluating the Effectiveness of State, Local and Tribal Responses to Violence Committed Against Indian Women Living in Tribal Communities invites proposals to evaluate interventions addressing violence against women in Indian Country.  OVW strongly encourages applicants to consider an evaluation of a new OVW special initiative to cross-designate tribal prosecutors to pursue violence against women cases in both tribal and federal courts. The Tribal Special U.S. Attorneys (SAUSA) program enables tribal prosecutors to bring violence against women cases in federal court and to serve as co-counsel with federal prosecutors on investigations and prosecutions of felony offenses in tribal communities.  We are excited to launch this initiative, and to test its effectiveness in promoting justice for victims of domestic and sexual violence on tribal land.  Applicants for the evaluation of this initiative should have experience working with the criminal justice system and in tribal communities, and the team should include researchers and practitioners who are committed to a collaborative, participatory approach to evaluation.  Please refer to the solicitation for details and application instructions, and note that applications are due on April 22, 2013.  Additional information can also be located on OVW’s Tribal Communities page.  NIJ is also inviting applications under their fiscal year 2013 Research and Evaluation on Violence Against Women: Teen Dating Violence, Sexual Violence, and Intimate Partner Violence solicitation.  NIJ is particularly interested in proposals that help to understand the context within which teen dating violence (also known as adolescent relationship abuse) occurs, and in research supporting the effectiveness of policies and programs that are either intended to prevent or respond to adolescent relationship abuse/teen dating violence.  The application deadline is also April 22, 2013.  Please visit NIJ’s website for information on these and other NIJ funding opportunities.

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