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Solicitation Companion Guide

OVW developed the Solicitation Companion Guide to assist potential grantees in applying for grants from OVW. The Guide offers general assistance on all OVW grant programs, including information on post-award requirements for applicants who receive awards. It is not a substitute for program-specific solicitations or for the applicable statutes, regulations, or policies that govern OVW's programs.

Applicants should read individual solicitations in their entirety and follow the instructions set forth in each solicitation. Visit the Open Solicitations page to learn which grant programs are currently accepting applications.  

Download the FY 2019 OVW Solicitation Companion Guide.

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Resources for applicants

Budget Information


Faith-Based Organizations

Tips and Examples

Blank Forms

Financial Guides and Policies

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Program-specific resources

Solicitation Webinars

STOP Program

Campus Program

Improving Criminal Justice Responses Program 

Legal Assistance for Victims Program

Justice for Families Program

Rural Program

Transitional Housing Program

Technical Assistance Program

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Updated March 15, 2019

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