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Staff Profile
Former Chief of the Long Island Division

Nicole Boeckmann

Nicole Boeckmann is the Chief Assistant United States Attorney for the Long Island Division of the Eastern District of New York.  As Chief of the Long Island Division, Nicole oversees both the Criminal and Civil Division for the Long Island Office. 

Nicole started in the Office in November 2004 and has served in the General Crimes Section, as well as the Long Island Criminal Division.  She was appointed Intake Chief in September 2007, Deputy Chief of the Long Island Criminal Division in September 2008, and then became Chief of the Long Island Criminal Division in July 2010, where she served for over a decade.  In April 2021, Nicole was appointed Acting Chief of the Criminal Division, then moved on to Chief Assistant in June 2021 and most recently was named Chief of the Long Island Division in January 2022. 

Nicole has focused on prosecutions and initiatives designed to have a direct impact on communities within the district.  She has worked on numerous important investigations and trials over the last several years. The following achievements are particularly noteworthy: U.S. v. Thomas Spota and Christopher McPartland (conviction for obstruction of justice of the former District Attorney and Chief of Investigations of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office).  The Latin Kings Prosecutions (racketeering convictions against over 21 members of the Latin Kings); U.S. v. Stuart Moshell (conviction of an attorney who defrauded his clients of more than 5,000,000); Rollin 60s Crips Prosecutions (racketeering convictions against over 21 members of the Crips, including the gang leader who received a life sentence); The Prescription Drug Initiative (in 2011, following the murder of four people at a pharmacy in Suffolk County and the tragic shooting death of a federal agent who tried to stop a similar robbery, Nicole spearheaded the Office’s effort to address the prescription drug epidemic and implemented the Prescription Drug Initiative which initiated with a coordinated takedown between local law enforcement and the EDNYof 98 people, including 3 health care professionals with distribution of prescription drugs).

Prior to joining the Office, Nicole served as an Assistant District Attorney at the New York County District Attorney’s Office for 7 years.  During her time at the D.A.’s office, Nicole tried over 25 jury trials and was a member of the Sex Crimes Unit.  She received her B.A. from the University of Michigan and then went on to obtain her law degree from the Catholic University of America in 1997.

Dates of Service
2004 - 2024
Updated June 26, 2024