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Eastern District of New York

Eastern District of New York

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We would like to thank you for visiting our webpage and taking the time to learn about the important work of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.  Welcome!

The Eastern District of New York is one of the premier U.S. Attorney’s Offices in the nation, representing the United States in three of the five boroughs of New York City – Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island – and all of Long Island, which includes the suburban counties of Nassau and Suffolk.  The Eastern District of New York is home to more than eight million people and houses major international air and seaports.  It is a place of extraordinary commercial and cultural activity and is characterized by a rich and vibrant diversity which is reflected in the staffing of the Office.

Our mission is to seek equal justice under the law in protecting and serving the people of this district and nation.  We adhere to the bedrock constitutional principles of our criminal justice system in keeping our communities safe and deterring crime.  We pledge to seek justice fairly, ethically, without bias or favor, and with compassion, honor and integrity.  Using the power, influence and all the tools of the Office, we work to bring about positive, systemic change through vindicating civil rights, promoting human dignity and protecting the vulnerable from fraud and abuse. We seek to collaborate with our law enforcement partners and with community groups in improving people’s lives.  The Eastern District of New York is an Office that’s about strengthening our district’s communities.

In support of our mission, the Office prosecutes virtually every type of federal crime and represents the interests of the United States in civil litigation.  The Criminal Division of the Office has one of the Justice Department's most active and sophisticated national security programs, consisting of international and domestic terrorism, weapons proliferation, counter espionage and cyber security prosecutions.  It also prosecutes equally sophisticated white-collar crimes, including market manipulation, corporate and securities fraud, health care fraud, mortgage fraud, money laundering and tax evasion schemes.   Through its prosecutions, the office also actively combats public corruption, organized crime, international narcotics trafficking and opioid abuse, violent domestic and international street gangs, civil rights violations, human and sex trafficking crimes, hate crimes, child pornography and exploitation offenses, environmental crimes and gun trafficking.

Our civil docket is also vast and varied and includes affirmative, defensive and programmatic litigation in a wide range of subject areas.  The Civil Division has established a Civil Rights Team, a Consumer Protection Team and an Environmental Justice Team that focus on protecting at-risk residents in disadvantaged communities.  The Civil Division’s other affirmative practices encompass defense contractor, health care, mortgage and government programs fraud, along with financial litigation and civil RICO cases.  Civil Division AUSAs also defend the federal government and its officials from constitutional and procedural challenges and from civil actions alleging claims in a broad spectrum of practice areas, including employment discrimination, torts, immigration, federal programs and federal benefits.

The Eastern District of New York is committed to diversity in its workforce and to fostering an equitable and inclusive work environment.  We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, politics, marital status, disability, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a parent or any other factor not based on merit.

The Eastern District of New York was established on February 25, 1865, when President Abraham Lincoln approved an Act of Congress recommending its formation.  On March 6, 1865, President Lincoln appointed Benjamin D. Silliman as the District’s first United States Attorney.  The district and this office have a long and distinguished history, which we proudly embrace to this day.

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