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Appeals Division

The Appeals Division is responsible for overseeing the handling of appeals in criminal cases in our district. It presently consists of five Assistant U.S. Attorneys.

While Criminal Division AUSAs generally prepare their own briefs and argue their own appeals, the Appeals Division plays an integral role in the litigation of appeals in our office. This includes assisting in drafting and editing briefs, conducting moot courts and otherwise preparing AUSAs for oral arguments, and writing briefs and handling oral arguments when the Criminal Division AUSA who handled the case in the district court is unable to do so. The Appeals Division also assists in the preparation of responses to post-appeal collateral attacks. In addition, the Appeals Division is actively involved in determining whether to file government appeals, reviewing and editing district court filings on significant points of law, providing legal advice generally to Criminal Division AUSAs, and participating in the formulation of office policy.

Updated March 23, 2018