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Former United States Attorneys

The following is a list of United States Attorneys who have served in the Eastern District of New York since its creation in 1865. The United States Attorney is nominated by the President of the United States and confirmed by the United States Senate and generally serves for a period of four years.

United States Attorney Years served
Benjamin D. Silliman 1865-1866
Benjamin F. Tracy 1866-1876
Asa W. Tenney 1877-1885
Mark D. Wilbur 1885-1889
Jesse Johnson 1889-1894
John Oakey 1894
James L. Bennett 1894-1898
George H. Pettit 1898-1902
William J. Young 1902-1915
Louis R. Bick 1915
Melville J. France 1915-1919
James D. Bell 1919
Leroy W. Ross 1919-1921
Wallace E.J. Collins 1921
Ralph C. Greene 1921-1925
William A. DeGnoot 1925-1929
Howard W. Ameli 1929-1934
Leo J. Hickey 1934-1937
Michael F.L. Walsh 1938-1939
Harold M. Kennedy 1939-1944
Miles R. McDonald 1945
J. Vincent Keogh 1946-1950
Frank J. Parker 1950-1953
Leonard P. Moore 1953-1957
C.W. Wickersham 1957-1961
Joseph P. Hoey 1961-1969
Edward R. Neaher 1969-1971
Robert A. Morse 1971-1973
David G. Trager 1974-1978
Edward R. Korman 1978-1982
Raymond J. Dearie 1982-1986
Reena Raggi 1986
Andrew J. Maloney 1986-1992
Mary Jo White 1992-1993
Zachary W. Carter 1993-1999
Loretta E. Lynch 1999-2001
Alan Vinegrad 2001-2002
Roslynn R. Mauskopf 2002-2007
Benton J. Campbell 2007-2010
Loretta E. Lynch 2010-2015
Kelly T. Currie 2015
Robert L. Capers 2015-2017
Bridget M. Rohde 2017-2018
Richard P. Donoghue 2018-2020
Seth D. DuCharme 2020-2021
Mark J. Lesko 2021-2021
Jacquelyn M. Kasulis 2021-2021
Breon Peace 2021-Present
Updated October 18, 2021