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JULY 13, 1993



Segment 2 - July 13, 1993, ADM Headquarters, Decatur, Illinois
Telephone Call To Tokyo, Japan - Audio Tape

  WHITACRE:           And regarding our, and regarding our next meeting,...  MIMOTO:             Yeah.  WHITACRE:           I think that, now our next meeting, since you guys hosted the                     Vancouver meeting, I think ADM should host the next meeting.                      Don't ya think?  MIMOTO:             Yeah.  That's fine.  WHITACRE:           And maybe we host it in, uh, Maui.  MIMOTO:             Maui?  WHITACRE:           The lysine, you know, have the lysine meeting, the group meeting                     like we had last time in Vancouver.  MIMOTO:             Yeah.  WHITACRE:           The group lysine meeting, to have it in Maui, Hawaii.  MIMOTO:             Maui, Hawaii is, uh, still the United States.  WHITACRE:           Yeah, but what's that mean?  Still the United States?  MIMOTO:             Well, still the United States means, uh, United States is, ah, very                     severe for the control of antitrust activity, no?  WHITACRE:           Yeah, but you think in a, in a hotel in...  MIMOTO:             (ui-talking at same time).  WHITACRE:           Hawaii next to an eighteen hole golf course?  MIMOTO:             (Laughs).  No, uh, if your company judges no problem, maybe I                     will consult with, ah, our legal department.  WHITACRE:           Well, you know we met Kyowa, we met Kyowa in Hawaii, Maui,                     about a year ago,  I think.  MIMOTO:             I know, one-to-one is alright, but this kind of, well maybe we can                     call it, ah, association for the establishment of our association.  WHITACRE:           Yeah, that's right.  It could be a formal association meeting.  MIMOTO:             Maui, Maui is very convenient for us, but, uh, I don't know.  WHITACRE:           It, it, for one, it'd be a formal association meeting to, to starting of                     our association...  MIMOTO:             Hum.  WHITACRE:           and also would be a good distance for you and us both together.  MIMOTO:             (ui).  That's right.  WHITACRE:           Only about half way for each of us.    MIMOTO:             Yeah, yeah, that's right.  And be on the golf course, I think.  WHITACRE:           Yeah  MIMOTO:             Uh, no big problem.  WHITACRE:           And I think you country owns...  MIMOTO:             (ui).  WHITACRE:           Hawaii anyway.  So.  MIMOTO:             Yeah, that's right.  So, uh, well, anyway, I will get that advice from                     our legal department.  WHITACRE:           Yeah, okay, and we got, we got...  MIMOTO:             But, uh...  WHITACRE:           time on that.  That meeting wasn't gonna happen till one, we                     figured out the mechanics of the association...  MIMOTO:             Hmm.  WHITACRE:           first, and two, to make sure these prices really go up.  
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