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EAG Research

L-R:  Eric Lewis and Randy Chugh
L-R: Economists Eric Lewis and Randy Chugh

The Expert Analysis Group (EAG) promotes research through a number of formal and informal programs. These include a seminar series that features presentations of the latest working papers by academics and other researchers; a release time program under which staff economists are granted formal time away from casework to pursue a research project, and publication of EAG Discussion Papers and peer-reviewed journal articles.


Many research ideas are inspired and informed by investigations in specific industries. Often these cases raise new issues or include novel settings for existing issues that expose shortcomings in the existing literature and inspire creative thinking to advance the profession. In addition, the close study of firm interactions and strategies, including unique access to company executives, internal firm documents, and detailed proprietary data, provide valuable "real world" grounding for research and professional debate. EAG economists are encouraged to publish their research and to present their results to academic, government, and industry audiences, where their work often has a substantial impact on business decisions, competition advocacy, and ongoing academic debate.

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