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Process Flow For Intercompany Invoicing

Process Flow for Intercompany Invoicing

The flow is styled as an organizational chart. It shows two columns - one for the Selling Operating Unit and one for the Shipping Operating Unit

The following steps take place under the Selling Operating Unit, with some of the steps highlighted:

  • Ship Confirm, which divides into Receivables Interface and Inventory Interface.
  • Receivables Interface continues to AutoInvoice and finally Customer Invoice.
  • Inventroy Interface accesses the INV Transaction Processor, the first step shown under the Shipping Operating Unit.
  • Under INV Transaction Processor,in the Shipping Operating Unit, the flow moves to the Shipment Transaction followed in order by Create Intercompany AR Invoices, AutoInvoice, and Intercompany AR Invoice.
  • The Intercompany AR Invoice accesses the Create Intercompany AP Invoices which is back under the Selling Operating Unit.
  • Under the Create Intercompany AP Invoices the flow moves to the Invoice Import and finally to the Intercompany AP Invoice.

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Updated August 14, 2015