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Basic Police Services

Basic Police Services

ICITAP provides basic police skills technical assistance and training to law enforcement agencies that are responsible for securing and maintaining public order. ICITAP's programs help develop the skills of uniformed police officers to equitably enforce laws and to better serve citizens and safeguard their rights. Programs can include patrol, traffic-control, first-responder, arrest and detention, and officer safety and defensive tactics.


Here are a few examples of ICITAP's work around the globe in helping police improve their basic skills:

Basic Skills Program in Malawi

In Malawi, ICITAP provided a basic skills program—adopted by the police force as its official training—that included interviewing techniques, report writing, human rights and dignity issues, defensive tactics, arrest techniques, and crime scene management.

Instructor Training in Iraq

In Iraq, ICITAP trained instructors who, in turn, trained more than 260,000 police officers to help build an institutionally sound, effective, and sustainable police service.

Technical Assistance and Training for Police in Kosovo

In Kosovo, ICITAP's technical assistance and training covered virtually every area of basic police services. This work helped establish a multi-cultural police force that includes leaders helping to build this new country.

Updated August 11, 2023