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Information Systems

Information Systems

ICITAP provides technical assistance and training in the development of information technologies (IT) that support law enforcement operations in foreign countries. ICITAP has helped develop and implement IT systems that improve criminal intelligence, police reporting, and border-passport control. This can include assistance in developing:

  • Criminal records management systems, including databases that track criminal intelligence, stolen vehicles, drug interdictions, transnational or organized crime activities
  • Internet-based, secure document storage
  • Management systems
  • Encrypted telecommunication and email capabilities
  • Virtual law enforcement networks


Here are a few examples of ICITAP's work around the globe in helping to develop information systems that support law enforcement:

Virtual Law Enforcement Center in Former Soviet Republics

ICITAP is helping to develop a virtual law enforcement center for the "GUAM" region of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Moldova. The virtual law enforcement center serves as a platform for data, voice, and video communications—allowing the exchange of criminal intelligence that support of major trans-border criminal investigations, such as the illicit drug trade, human trafficking, and terrorism.

Information Management System in Bosnia-Herzegovina

In Bosnia-Herzegovina, ICITAP also helped develop a state-of-the-art information management system that has contributed to the apprehension of fugitives with outstanding arrest warrants, the recovery of stolen vehicles, and suspected terrorists. The system also provides a real-time manifest of international flights to track people who are entering or exiting the country through the airports and remote land border crossings.

Criminal Intelligence Database in Uganda

In Uganda, ICITAP helped develop a computerized fingerprint identification system and a criminal intelligence database, which tracks stolen vehicles, drug interdiction, and transnational organized criminal activity.

Updated August 11, 2023