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Public Integrity and Anticorruption

Public Integrity and Anticorruption

ICITAP's anticorruption work is designed to increase the accountability of institutions to their citizens and, in turn, to increase citizens' confidence in the integrity of these institutions. ICITAP provides technical assistance and training that improves the capability of government ministries and law enforcement institutions to investigate misconduct and corruption and to implement internal controls that are vital to the professional conduct of those who work in government agencies.

ICITAP's technical assistance and training includes the development of:

  • Investigative techniques and skills
  • Hotline operations
  • Investigative processes, policies, and procedures
  • Witness security and protection programs
  • Legislative and policy reform
  • Employee vetting procedures
  • Electronic wire intercept procedures
  • Managing informants and cooperating witnesses

ICITAP also provides ethics enforcement and professional responsibility guidance that includes the role of the inspector general, internal affairs, background investigations, and citizen complaint processes. ICITAP's programs help instill professional pride and ethics in law enforcement officers and build the public's confidence that law enforcement officers are well trained and accountable.

Updated August 11, 2023