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Career Opportunities

The mission of the Office of International Affairs is to secure the return of fugitives from abroad, to request from foreign countries evidence and other assistance needed in U.S. criminal investigations and prosecutions and to ensure that the United States meets its reciprocal obligations to foreign countries with respect to the extradition of fugitives and the production of evidence located in the United States.  The Office of International Affairs also has the primary responsibility for briefing and advising the Attorney General and other senior Department of Justice officials on international criminal matters, and provides advice to the Attorney General, the Department of Justice and other U.S. officials on sensitive law enforcement matters that could impact the foreign relations and strategic interests of the United States.

From time to time, the Office of International Affairs has vacancies for attorneys, international affairs specialists, administrative support personnel as well as internship opportunities for law students, graduate students and undergraduate students.  See below for current positions.

Attorney Positions

Attorney positions are advertised at the website of the Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management.

International Affairs Specialists

International Affairs Specialists assist attorneys with the handling of large volumes of cases, including the litigation of those matters.  For positions as International Affairs Specialists, consult the Office of Personnel Management's USAJobs.

Intern Positions

For intern positions consult the website.

Updated August 11, 2023