Roll Call Videos and Other Media

Roll Call Videos and Other Media

Roll Call Videos and Other Media  (Law Enforcement Officer)
Short informative videos to help identify and understand elder abuse


Roll Call Videos
Identifying and Responding to Elder Abuse: An Officer’s Role is a series of six roll call videos designed for patrol officers to quickly recognize and respond to various types of elder abuse.

EJI Law Enforcement Webinars
The Elder Justice Initiative has a series of webinars specifically for law enforcement officers working with elder abuse crimes. 

COPS Office Podcasts
Three 5-minute podcasts on the role of law enforcement in elder abuse cases, collecting evidence in physical, sexual and neglect cases, and recognizing that financial exploitation is a crime.

Responding to Elder Abuse: What Law Enforcement Should Know
A 15-minute video describing what law enforcement needs to know about elder abuse. 

Enhancing Choice and Fulfilling Duties: National Training Resource on Decision Support and Guardianship
One-hour online guardianship training for professionals and the general public.


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