Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

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The Department of Justice provides training, toolkits and resources to assist law enforcement in their mission to combat elder abuse and financial exploitation.

Police Officer with Elder Abuse Guide for Law Enforcement

EAGLE (Elder Abuse Guide for Law Enforcement)

Web module to support law enforcement in elder abuse and financial exploitation cases.

Senior Abuse Financial Tracking and Accounting (SAFTA) Toolkit

SAFTA  (Senior Abuse Financial Tracking and Accounting Tool) Toolkit

Downloadable toolkit to assist financial exploitation investigations and prosecution.

Police or Law Enforcment Officer for Roll Call Videos

Roll Call Videos and Other Media

A compilation of elder abuse roll call videos, podcasts, webinars, and other media training.

Working Collaboratively with Police Officer, Patient and Doctor

Working Collaboratively

Resources to build strong working relationships with other professionals.

Police Officer to Learn More About Elder Abuse

Learn More about Elder Abuse

Documents and websites specifically for law enforcement involved in elder abuse and financial exploitation cases.

Prosecution News

Prosecution News

Law enforcement's identification and pursuit of cases promotes prosecution.

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