Victim Specialists

Victim Specialists

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Victim Specialists work closely with prosecutors, law enforcement, and other staff members to ensure that elder abuse victims are treated with respect, know their rights, and understand their role within the criminal justice system. They help victims navigate the criminal justice system by providing support, assessing a victim’s needs, developing a safety plan, connecting victims to resources, and identifying gaps in service. They also ensure that staff are informed about elder abuse and the trauma that victims experience. Ultimately, a Victim Specialist wants the victim to experience justice, seek recovery and regain their sense of well-being. This section provides tools, training, and resources for Victim Specialists, as well as valuable information that can be shared with potential elder abuse victims.


Elder Man for Victims Rights and Reporting Obligations

Victims' Rights and Reporting Obligations

Here find the rights that guarantee victims a central role in the criminal justice process. Read about the The Attorney General Guidelines for Victim and Witness Assistance. Also find information on reporting obligations as it pertains to victim specialists in each state.


2 Females Looking to Learn More About Elder Abuse And Exploitation

Learn More About Elder Abuse and Exploitation

Whether you are new to the field, or have experience in assisting with elder abuse cases, this section has everything from the basics to in depth training about all types of elder abuse.


Elder Making a Phone Call for Older Survivors' Resources

Resources to Help Older

In this section find emergency services, government agencies, legal resources, hotlines and other help for your work with older adults.

Audience for Materials to Use in Elder Abuse Presentation

Materials to Use in Elder Abuse Presentations

Find ready to go power point presentations, videos and toolkits for outreach to older adults or professionals.


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