Innovations in Guardianship: Maximizing Autonomy and Ensuring Accountability

September 30, 2021

Guardianship is one approach to providing support and assistance to adults who need help with decision-making about finances and personal issues. However, as recent high-profile and less visible cases illustrate, guardianship can also infringe on personal rights and can lead to mistreatment of older adults and adults with disabilities.

Join us for a webinar to discuss current trends and challenges in state guardianship systems, policies and practice. Using real-life guardianship scenarios, the webinar will explore ways to maximize autonomy and ensure accountability throughout the guardianship process. Presenters will discuss less restrictive alternatives to guardianship as well as ways to improve adjudication and post-appointment oversight of guardians.


  • Alison Hirschel, Managing Attorney and Director, Michigan Elder Justice Initiative
  • Nicole Shannon, Systemic Advocate Attorney, Michigan Elder Justice Initiative
Updated October 14, 2021