EOIR Operational Status

Find Immigration Court Operational Status


EOIR maintains an Automated Case Information System that allows you to check your case status online. Case status and hearing date information may not be updated for those cases postponed due to operational changes during the coronavirus pandemic. Please call the immigration court handling your case if you need clarification regarding your hearing date and time. Following the issuance of a new hearing notice, such information will be updated. As always, court documents such as notices are your official source of information.

Public Health Information

Consistent with public health officials’ guidance, EOIR has implemented practices to help to protect all people working in and visiting EOIR spaces throughout the country. Please see the agency’s Public Health Notice for more information (Translations) and FAQs for more information.

Practitioners and respondents who are appearing for hearings by phone or online do not need to be physically present in one location. If best public health practice dictates separate locations, parties do not need to make special arrangements with the immigration court.


EOIR reminds interested stakeholders that hearings on February 8, 2022, and beyond will proceed as scheduled, subject to local operational and case-specific decisions. As a result of ongoing evaluation of the national COVID-19 data, coupled with internal reporting, no additional postponements will apply to the previously announced groups. If you have questions or are uncertain whether your hearing has been postponed, please check the Automated Case Information System online or at 800-898-7180 (TDD: 800-828-1120) or call the immigration court handling your case.  

EOIR continues to support remote hearings. Attorneys and accredited representatives are strongly encouraged to use the Openvoice and Webex platforms. To facilitate appearances by Openvoice and Webex, attorneys and accredited representatives may appear via those mediums, as available, without prior approval and without filing a motion in advance. Practitioners and respondents do not need to be physically present in the same location. More information concerning appearances available via Openvoice and Webex is posted on EOIR’s website. 

Unrepresented respondents in non-detained cases who wish to appear by Openvoice or Webex should contact the immigration court for instructions.

Alternate Filing Location

EOIR designates an alternate filing location for the purpose of filing emergency motions (such as emergency stay requests) in the event of a temporary court closure due to severe weather conditions, protests, building maintenance issues, COVID-19, and other exigent circumstances. The alternate filing location is for emergency filings only. The closure message and alternate filing location are disseminated to stakeholders and the public, and are posted on EOIR’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. If a filing is due on the day of a court closure, the filing deadline is extended to the next business day that the court is open.


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