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ACIJ Assignments


ACIJ Assignments — October 2018

Rico J. Bartolomei
401 West "A" Street,
Suite 800
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 557-6052
Honolulu, Imperial, Otay Mesa, Saipan, San Diego Daugherty

Daniel J. Daugherty
110 North City Parkway,
Suite 400
Las Vegas, NV 89106
(702) 458-0227

Aurora, Denver, Fishkill, Las Vegas, New York, Salt Lake City, Ulster, Varick


John R. Doolittle, II
Continental Center II
1801 Smith Street, 9th Floor
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 718-3870



Irene C. Feldman
300 West Congress,
Suite 300
Tucson, AZ 85701
(520) 670-5212

Eloy, Florence, Phoenix, Tucson Weiss
James K. Grim
3535 Lawton Road,
Suite 200
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 722-8900
Orlando, San Juan Sukkar
Amy C. Hoogasian
100 Montgomery Street,
Suite 800
San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 705-4415
San Francisco Scala
Scott D. Laurent
300 North Los Angeles Street,
Room 4330
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 576-4701
Adelanto, Los Angeles Detained Rooyani
H. Kevin Mart
180 Ted Turner Drive, SW,
Suite 241
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 331-0907
LaSalle, Louisville, Memphis, New Orleans, Oakdale Martin

Clay Martin
800 Dolorosa Street,
Suite 300
San Antonio, TX 78207
(210) 472-6637

Harlingen, Pearsall, Port Isabel, San Antonio Mart
Sheila McNulty
525 West Van Buren Street,
Suite 500
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 697-5800
Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Hartford Paul
Deepali (Dee) Nadkarni
5107 Leesburg Pike,
Suite 2500
Falls Church, VA 22041
(703) 305-1247
Arlington, Batavia, Buffalo, Charlotte, Falls Church Immigration Adjudication Center Weil

Nancy J. Paul
1717 Avenue H,
Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68110
(402) 348-0310

Bloomington, Elizabeth, Kansas City, Newark, Omaha McNulty

Sirce E. Owen
180 Ted Turner Drive, SW,
Suite 241
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 331-0907

Atlanta, Charlotte and Stewart  
Rodin Rooyani
606 S. Olive Street,
15th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 894-2811
Los Angeles Laurent
Theresa M. Scala
1000 Second Avenue,
Suite 2500
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 553-5953
Portland, Seattle, Tacoma Hoogasian
Elisa M. Sukkar
One Riverview Square
333 S. Miami Avenue,
Suite 700
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 789-4221
Houston, Houston SPC, Krome, Miami Grim
Jack H. Weil
3400 Concord Road,
Suite 2
York, PA 17402
(717) 755-7555
Baltimore, Philadelphia, York Nadkarni

Daniel H. Weiss
1100 Commerce Street,
Suite 1060
Dallas, TX 75242
(214) 767-1814

Dallas, El Paso, El Paso SPC, Ft. Worth Immigration Adjudication Center, Otero Feldman

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Adelanto Laurent Rooyani
Arlington Nadkarni Weil
Atlanta Owen  
Aurora Daugherty Bartolomei
Baltimore Weil Nadkarni
Batavia Nadkarni Weil
Bloomington Paul McNulty
Boston McNulty Paul
Buffalo Nadkarni Weil
Charlotte Owen  
Chicago McNulty Paul
Cleveland McNulty Paul
Dallas Weiss Feldman
Denver Daugherty Bartolomei
Detroit McNulty Paul
El Paso Weiss Feldman
El Paso SPC Weiss Feldman
Elizabeth Paul McNulty
Eloy Feldman Weiss
Falls Church Immigration Adjudication Center Nadkarni Weil
Fishkill Daugherty Bartolomei
Ft. Worth Immigration Adjudication Center Weiss Feldman
Florence Feldman Weiss
Harlingen Martin Mart
Hartford McNulty Paul
Honolulu Bartolomei Daugherty
Houston Doolittle, II  
Houston SPC Sukkar Grim
Imperial Bartolomei Daugherty
Kansas City Paul McNulty
Krome Sukkar Grim
LaSalle Mart Martin
Las Vegas Daugherty Bartolomei
Los Angeles Rooyani Laurent
Los Angeles Detained Laurent Rooyani
Louisville Mart Martin
Memphis Mart Martin
Miami Sukkar Grim
New Orleans Mart Martin
New York Daugherty Bartolomei
Newark Paul McNulty
Oakdale Mart Martin
Otay Mesa Bartolomei Daugherty
Omaha Paul McNulty
Orlando Grim Sukkar
Otero Weiss Feldman
Pearsall Martin Mart
Philadelphia Weil Nadkarni
Phoenix Feldman Weiss
Port Isabel Martin Mart
Portland Scala Hoogasian
Saipan Bartolomei Daugherty
Salt Lake City Daugherty Bartolomei
San Antonio Martin Mart
San Diego Bartolomei Daugherty
San Francisco Hoogasian Scala
San Juan Grim Sukkar
Seattle Scala Hoogasian
Stewart Owen  
Tacoma Scala Hoogasian
Tucson  Feldman Weiss
Ulster Daugherty Bartolomei
Varick Daugherty Bartolomei
York Weil Nadkarni

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Updated December 3, 2018

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