Buffalo Immigration Court


Notice (June 24, 2020): EOIR to Resume Hearings in Non-Detained Cases at Certain Immigration Courts (PDF)

Standing Order Of The Buffalo Immigration Court (June 10, 2020):  Relating To Telephonic Appearances At Individual And Master Calendar Hearings.

Standing Order Of The Buffalo Immigration Court (May 14, 2020): Relating To Temporal And Page Limits On Documents Filed Via Email.

About the Court

The Buffalo Immigration Court falls under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Chief Immigration Judge, which is a component of the Executive Office for Immigration Review under the Department of Justice.


Buffalo Immigration Court
130 Delaware Avenue, Suite 300
Buffalo, NY 14202

Please see Google Maps for a map and directions to the immigration court.


Window Filing Hours: 8 a.m.-12 p.m.; 12:30 p.m.-3 p.m.



The Immigration Court does not accept faxes or other electronic submissions unless the transmission has been specifically requested by the Immigration Court staff or the Immigration Judge. Unauthorized transmissions are not made part of the record and are discarded without consideration of the document or notice to the sender.


Pay to park lots and street parking.


NFTA Bus - 25 Delaware and 11 Colvin

NFTA Metro Rail - Fountain Plaza or Lafayette Stations



Provide Building access and security information.

                Building Hours

                8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Monday-Thursday)

                8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (Friday)


Public Health Practices 

The immigration court has put into place procedures to implement the guidance of public health officials. Please take note of the information below and be prepared to follow these and any additional instructions provided to you when you arrive for your hearing.

  • Face coverings are required in EOIR space at all times. As needed, those children younger than two years old and those individuals with medical conditions that prevent them from wearing such a face covering are exempt from this requirement.
  • To maintain appropriate social distancing and best facilitate hearings, you may be asked to move or leave a particular area.
  • Waiting times to enter the building and EOIR space may be significantly longer than usual. Make arrangements to arrive in advance of your hearing so you arrive to the courtroom on time.
  • Social distancing (maintaining a distance of six feet from those with whom you do not live) is required.
    • Please remember this while choosing to enter an elevator. Elevator wait times may be significantly longer than usual for this reason.
    • In EOIR space, staff or signs may direct you to a seat. If instructed to sit in a particular location, do not switch seats.
  • Please do not bring people with you into EOIR space unless they are required to be present for your hearing. Remember that the immigration court may limit entry.

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Immigration Judges:

Jose A. Sanchez, Assistant Chief Immigration Judge (Acting)
Mary C. Baumgarten
Steven Connelly
Denise Hochul
Walter H. Ruehle

Court Administrator:

Stephanie L. Kerr

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For information regarding procedures for practice before the immigration courts, please see the Immigration Court Practice Manual.

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Updated June 24, 2020

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