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EOIR is working to improve its court and appellate information systems.

The EOIR Courts & Appeals System (ECAS) initiative is part of an overarching information technology modernization effort at our agency. The goal of ECAS is to phase out paper filing and processing, and to retain all records and case-related documents in electronic format. In support of the EOIR mission, it will further enable the timely and fair adjudication of immigration cases.

For attorneys and accredited representatives, the initial phase of the improved system has three components: eRegistry, eFiling, and eInfo.

Expanded electronic filing will be available through eInfo. Initially available in six immigration courts listed below, it will eventually be expanded to all remaining courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals. As new courts are added to the pilot, the list will be updated and is subject to change.

  • San Diego (July)
  • Atlanta (August)
  • Denver (August)
  • Baltimore (September)
  • York (December)

Resources are available to help you understand and use the new system.


eRegistry is used to maintain a list of registered attorneys and accredited representatives who practice in immigration courts. After you fill out the online form, you need to appear at an approved location to complete the required identification validation process. Once completed, you will have an EOIR identification number. You must complete the registry process as a condition to practice before EOIR. Once you register through eRegistry, you will have access to eInfo. Attorneys and accredited representatives may opt-in to the pilot for expanded electronic filing through eInfo.

To register for the first time or access eRegistry to make updates, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions about eRegistry

eRegistry also allows attorneys with the Department of Homeland Security to register with EOIR. Once registered, initiating and supporting documents may be uploaded and an electronic Record of Proceedings for a case may be downloaded. The information submitted and obtained will be the same as what is traditionally handled in the paper-based system. DHS adoption of the electronic filing system helps EOIR carry out process improvements along with other professionals who work with immigration courts.

Download an infographic that shows how to use the DHS portal

Watch a video about using the DHS portal


eFiling allows registered attorneys and accredited representatives to complete and file online these two forms: EOIR-27 and EOIR-28. Filling out these forms within the website application generates a PDF version that is stored in an electronic Record of Proceedings (eROP).


eInfo allows registered attorneys and accredited representatives to electronically file case-related forms. Documents are scanned and uploaded into this application. The documents are then stored in the eROP for a case. You can download a complete eROP for each of your cases.

To access eInfo, you must login through eRegistry here.

Frequently Asked Questions about eInfo (coming soon)

Download an infographic that shows how to use eInfo

Watch a video about using eInfo

Resources Related to Electronic Case Management

Public Notice announcing EOIR's Electronic Filing Pilot Program (expansion of eInfo to include electronic case-related documents)

ECAS pilot program participation Terms and Conditions (effective as of August 3, 2018)

ECAS User Manual (effective as of September 14, 2018)

Notice to Parties Regarding Decrypting Secure Messages

Decisions and orders issued by EOIR that contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be encrypted (or “zipped”) by EOIR before they are transmitted via email to parties. PII includes name, email, home address, phone number, etc. Follow these instructions to decrypt and access the documents.

ECAS-related technical support

For ECAS-related Technical Support call:

Monday through Friday, except federal holidays
6 a.m. – 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

or email ECAS.TechSupport@usdoj.gov

Updated September 18, 2018

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