Panel on Intersection of Firearms & Domestic Violence

October 7, 2016

Panel on Intersection of Firearms & Domestic Violence  October 7, 2016

The presence of a gun during a domestic violence situation significantly increases the risk of homicide. In the U.S., when women are murdered, 40-50% are killed by their husband, boyfriend, or ex-partner. That is nine times the rate killed by strangers. In comparison, 5-8% of men are killed by their partner.  

The most effective way to reduce these homicides is by engaging the community in a coordinated and comprehensive approach to implementing and enforcing laws that keep people safe, including the laws that restrict an abuser’s access to guns. This panel discussion was sponsored by the Office of Violence Against Women as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) and Community Policing Week (October 2-8).  

Updated December 12, 2016