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About the District

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Colorado includes dedicated Assistant U.S. Attorneys, staff, and administrative personnel. The office has five Divisions: Criminal, Civil, Appellate, Asset Recovery and Administrative. There are four sections within the Criminal Division: Narcotics, Violent Crime and Immigration Enforcement, Cybercrime & National Security and Economic Crimes.

In the District of Colorado, the United States Attorney's Office faces a myriad of challenges shaped by Colorado's natural resources; federal military and correctional facilities; and Colorado's growing and diverse population.

Federal lands comprise about one-third of Colorado, including four national parks, five national monuments and twelve national forests. The United States Attorney's Office regularly works with the various land agencies addressing a host of issues relating to the management and preservation of Colorado's natural resources.

Colorado also has several major military installations, including NORAD, the U.S. Air Force Academy, the Pueblo Chemical Depot, Fort Carson and Buckley, Schreiver and Peterson Air Force Bases. The United States Attorney's Office works closely with the Department of Defense and its Inspector General's Office to prosecute those who interfere with military operations. The office also represents the Department of Defense in all federal court actions where the military is party to a lawsuit.

Colorado is home to two Indian Reservations, the Southern Ute and the Ute Mountain Ute. The United States Attorney's Office has jurisdiction to prosecute felonies occurring on these two reservations. The branch office in Durango handles many of the cases that come from the two reservations.

The Bureau of Prisons also has a significant presence in Colorado. The complex in Florence includes the country's highest security prison, “Supermax,” as well as a penitentiary, a correctional institute and a prison camp. There is also a correctional institute, a prison camp, and a detention center in Englewood.

Denver is the regional headquarters for numerous federal agencies. There are nearly 35,000 federal employees who work in Metro Denver.

Lastly, there are two major interstate highways that transverse the state, I-70 running east/west, and I-25 running north/south. The highways, as well as Denver International Airport, bring a lot of tourists and business travelers into the state.

The headquarters of the United States Attorney's Office is located in downtown Denver, Colorado. In addition to the Denver office, the United States Attorney's Office has staffed offices in Grand Junction and Durango.

Updated February 20, 2019