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Civil Division

The Civil Division represents the United States of America in a wide variety of civil matters. 

Civil AUSAs represent dozens of federal agencies in civil litigation.  Areas of practice include, for example: torts, prisoner litigation, cases involving federal lands and federal property interests, challenges to decisions by federal agencies, employment discrimination cases, environmental cases, immigration, bankruptcy, suits seeking the release of government records or challenging the release of federal information, and the defense of government officials sued in their individual capacities.

Civil AUSAs also investigate violations of federal law and bring civil actions to pursue damages and penalties.  Through this affirmative civil enforcement (ACE) work, Civil AUSAs seek to recover money lost due to fraud and other misconduct against the United States government; to impose civil penalties for fraud and for violations of law, and to stop ongoing fraud.   Areas of practice include, for example:  pursuing health care fraud, government procurement fraud, mortgage fraud and fraud involving financial institutions, and fraud in the payment of royalties due to the federal government; enforcing the Controlled Substances Act; and seeking damages from those who harm federal land or property.

The Chief of the Civil Division is Kevin Traskos, and the Deputy Chiefs of the Division are Amanda Rocque and Marcy Cook.

Updated June 20, 2018

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