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Witness Information

The federal justice system cannot function without the participation of witnesses. You may be subpoenaed at some point for a federal criminal proceeding, whether it be grand jury, trial or another type of hearing. Witnesses who receive a subpoena and appear for a court proceeding are entitled to certain reimbursements. Generally, each witness receives a $40 fee for each day’s attendance, parking and mileage reimbursement, travel provided by the least expensive method and a specific meal and lodging allowance if you are required to stay overnight Once you receive a subpoena, you will talk with a Victim-Witness Coordinator about arrangements. If specific contact information does not appear on your subpoena, a Victim-Witness Coordinator can be reached at 888.751.4450 or 303.454.0100 for assistance.

The United States Attorney's Office understands that being a victim and/or witness in a federal case may cause concerns for your safety and/or the safety of your family. If an emergency situation arises, call 911 or your local emergency number to reach law enforcement immediately. If you feel you have been threatened or harassed due to your involvement as a victim or witness in a federal case, contact the case agent or a Victim-Witness Coordinator.

Updated June 23, 2015