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Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council

The Attorney General of the United States directed every U.S. Attorney to establish an Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council. These advisory councils coordinate the dissemination of information and the development of investigative and prosecutorial strategy in dealing with terrorism throughout the country. The advisory councils also provide the operational foundation for a concerted national assault against terrorism.

The Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council serves several purposes. First, each council acts as a conduit for information about suspected terrorists between the federal and local agencies. The intelligence obtained will then be disseminated to the local law enforcement officials who can assist in monitoring terrorist networks on the local level. Second, the council serves as a coordinating body for implementing the operational plan for the prevention of terrorism. Third, the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council serves as a standing organizational structure for a coordinated response to a terrorist incident occurring in the district.

Finally, the task force will provide and coordinate training for state and local law enforcement agencies.

Updated June 23, 2015