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Project Safe Neighborhoods

Project Safe Neighborhoods is a partnership among federal, state and local law enforcement officials, in conjunction with business and community leaders, to reduce the level of gun violence in Colorado.

The message of this initiative is simple: if you violate federal or state gun laws, you will go to prison. Through cooperation among local, state and federal law enforcement authorities, gun cases will be referred to the jurisdiction that can pursue the toughest penalties. The project sends the message that gun law violations will not be tolerated. All citizens are urged to report illegal guns. The goal of this program, and similar programs throughout the country, is to change the culture of gun violence in America.

While this action plan initially focuses on Colorado's major urban centers (the six county metropolitan Denver area and the Colorado Springs/Pueblo corridor), we address the firearms crime problem across the state and develop appropriate responses. Key elements of the plan include:

  • Coordinate the intake of cases with local district attorneys to determine which jurisdiction has the longest prison sentences for gun crimes. The project encourages direct referrals from local police;
  • Supporting Gun Task Forces throughout the state by having Assistant U.S. Attorneys work as a liaison to review cases for federal prosecution potential;
  • Developing and delivering appropriate training programs for local law enforcement regarding the key provisions of federal firearms statutes, investigative guidelines, current federal law governing search and seizure, and federal intake requirements and procedure.
Updated June 23, 2015