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Prevent, disrupt and defeat terrorist operations before they occur; develop and implement the full range of resources available to investigate terrorist incidents, bringing their perpetrators to justice; vigorously prosecute those who have committed, or intend to commit, terrorist acts in the United States.

Maine Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council:

The ATAC is a partnership among federal, state, local and Canadian government and private parties to prevent, disrupt and defeat terrorism in Maine.  A primary component of the ATAC’s effort involves timely exchange among the members of the ATAC of information and intelligence relating to terrorism.

Joint Terrorism Task Force:

The JTTF investigates reports of terrorism-related activities in Maine. The JTTF can be reached by telephone twenty-four hours a day at 207-774-9322.


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): Counterterrorism and Terrorism
Department of Homeland Security (DHS): Preventing Terrorism
Department of Justice, National Security Division

Maine Information and Analysis Center
Maine Department of Public Safety
Maine Emergency Management Agency
Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention Prepare Plan Stay Informed


Updated January 3, 2023